It's all about the journey

This is the new Jiu Jitsu Sweater displaying a brazilian jiu jitsu black belt design as it winds and snakes just like the path we all walk in jiu jitsu . It's not about the destination it's about the journey and that is what this design represents. The long, difficult rewarding journey that is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

One of the reasons I started the brand 'Grappling Science' was to design clothing I would want to wear. Subtle designs, each one capturing and reflecting the attitude developed and cultivated on the mats. Any companies I could work for, in the clothing industry, would demand I follow the tiring old style of design - A big Picture, Slogan over the top and 'eye catching'. That was a key one, it had to be 'eye catching'. I've always felt if the design was strong enough, nothing else is needed. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu sweater 'Classic Edition' Black belt

Black belt sweater sweater.jpg

Jon Jones just lost his title as quick as he got it.

It's now been confirmed - Jon Jones popped for steriods after his second win over previous UFC Champion Daniel Cormier. 


Jon Jones recently tested positive for steroids in his UFC 214 victory over Daniel Cormier, and he has been stripped of his title ... Thats twice now. Jon Jones popped in both fights over DC. DC is now the and still lightweight champ of the ufc. 

Our sources tell us ... Jones tested positive for Turinabol -- an anabolic steroid.  

Jones won the July 29 fight -- taking the UFC light heavyweight belt from Cormier with a savage head kick followed by a barrage of punishing punches to Cormier's head. 

The title now goes back to Cormier. 

It's the second time Jones has failed a USADA drug test. He tested positive for banned substances in 2016 before UFC 200 and was pulled from the main event. Jones got hit with a 1 year ban.

We're told this time around, he could be banned for up to 4 years. 

Jones had blamed his previous failed test on a male enhancement pill. He claimed he didn't realize the pill contained a banned substance and insisted he was NOT trying to gain a competitive edge. 

If the test results hold up, it's unclear how he'll explain his way out of this one.




Brett Okamoto‏Verified account @bokamotoESPN

CONFIRMED with Dana White: Jon Jones failed drug test at UFC 214. Per White, he hasn't been formally stripped of title yet. Wow.

UFC president Dana White confirms

Do I sweat too much to start Brazilian Jiu JItsu?

I have always been a sweater

I have always been a sweater. Since the tender time of puberty, I have spent a fortune on deodorant and have been as self-conscious as hell. It has put me off doing things that others take for granted and makes social situations embarrassingly uncomfortable.

So, when a good friend of mine persistently tried to talk me into trying jiu jitsu I was wary. Intimidated in fact.

What he was saying was:

“come try this great sport, it’s fun and will get you fit”

But what I was hearing was:

“would you like to embarrass yourself in a room full of athletes.”


Do I sweat too much to start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Instead of imagining the positives I was completely fixated on the negatives. I would be the sweatiest guy in the room. I would be the least fit person in the room. I would struggle with the basics and look like an idiot. I would be sweating all over people and grossing them out. Nobody would want to train with me because my Gi would be soaking wet and I would be dripping like a tap the whole time.



I asked questions like:

“can I bring a towel?”

“is it common to have to change gi half way through training?”

“will I cause a hazard on the mats by sweating so much and leaving puddles of water?”

I confided in my friend, told him my fears. He assured me everyone sweats on the mats. It’s a physical thing. Its normal to sweat. He didn’t understand though. How could anyone sweat as much as me? I would be the sweatiest dude in the room and it would be terribly embarrassing.

I was put off for weeks, months. But, like a good friend he persisted, gently nudging me towards trying it. Just trying it once.

So, I finally cracked and went along for a trial lesson. Social anxiety saw to it that I was sweating before I even got in the building but I managed to push through it. Got changed and joined the rest of the class for the warm up. It only lasted 5 minutes but it was enough to get me boiling hot, sweating hard and the class had only just begun. I was wiping my head with my gi sleeve every thirty seconds. However, no one was noticing. Everyone was focusing on the professor. Taking instructions then working the technique shown. My training partner didn’t notice or if he did he didn’t mention it. I carried on working and sweating and wiping my face regularly and no one seemed to care at all.

Then after we had trained for a while the upper belts started rolling. Me andmy partner kept working together along with the white belts and I saw everyone was sweating. Some more than others. But it was hot. We were working hard. It was natural.

At the end of the class we all lined up to bow out. That’s when I first saw it. The upper belts had rolled for about 20 minutes. They weren’t just sweating. They were glowing red. Everyone was soaked. It was like they had been rolling in the shower. I left the class still sweating. But not alone.

Fast forward 6 months. I have rolled with most of the guys in the class. I have sweated on and been sweated on by the nicest guys and girls and the most athletic people I have ever met. I am never the sweatiest guy in the room. Not once. It’s my goal to be though. Cos, I know those are the guys who are working the hardest.

TL:DR sweating is good. Sweat makes stripes.

Jon Jones receives his Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today! Congrats to the one of the greatest in MMA fighting ever!

Jonny Bones has been a BJJ white belt since April 2015 and recieves his JIu Jitsu blue belt today! His jiu jitsu training comes from venerated black-belt Roberto Tussa. A four-time world no-gi champion, Tussa received his black-belt from Carlinhos Gracie and represents the Gracie-Barra academy. Jon Jones has went to instagram (@jonnybones) to show his commitment and respect, highlighting the value of a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt. which says a lot from one of the best ever mixed martial artist in the world. 

This was posted on the phenoms Instagram just over an hour ago. 

JonnyBones Instagram page

Jon Jones vs Rose Namajunas Light Grappling


One of jiu jitsu’s most respected and famous coaches, John Danaher, dropped knowledge on instagram in sharing his thoughts on the upcoming Gracie Pro super fight between Marcus Buchecha and Roger Gracie. 

Roger Gracie will be returning to gi tournament competition for the first time since 2010 on August 26 in Las Vegas for a chance to claim the $40,000 grand prize!  

Gracie Pro Bjj


The bombshell announcement took the whole jiu-jitsu community by surprise but is even more noteworthy because of the two other names already announced in the grand prix. World champions Andre Galvao and Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida have already thrown their hats into the ring and with a hall-of-fame addition like Gracie in as well, things just got a whole lot more interesting.

From Danaher’s Instagram page:

“Clash of Titans: Next week in Rio de Janeiro will be a super fight as big as any in the history of jiu jitsu – the two greatest heavy weights of all time will meet for a rematch. Roger Gracie will once again take on Marcus Almeida at Gracie Pro, run by the great Kyra Gracie, who has done an incredible job getting the best people together in competition in the birthplace of the sport. 

“Last time these two titans met it was in a twenty minute submission only context -officially it was a draw, since neither could submit the other within the allotted time, but it was clear that Mr Almeida got closest with a beautifully executed juji gatame armlock that Mr Gracie, a veritable master of defence, had to use all his skills to extract himself from. However, Mr Gracie was recovering from a severe staph infection at the time, which clearly sapped his strength i the closing stages of the match – this time, both athletes appear to be one hundred percent healthy. It will be played as a standard IBJJF ten minute match -an excellent format for the match – both athletes excel in both submissions and positional attacks, so they will get a positive result that won’t leave any doubts at the conclusion. 


“Mr Gracie will be cornered by my sensei, Renzo Gracie, who has a been a mentor for Roger throughout his professional career and who has assisted him to most of his greatest wins. Both men can legitimately claim to be the best of all time – to see a match were they get a chance to solidify that claim is a great day for not only the athletes, but the sport itself. Of course, I am biased in favor of Roger Gracie, he often comes to NYC to train with his cousins and sensei Renzo. I consider him the pinnacle of classical jiu jitsu- positional control through to submission and in addition, one of the great role models of the sport. However, there is no denying the achievements and skills of Mr Almeida, who has built up an incredible array of wins that absolutely rival the record of Mr Gracie, and all done at a young age. In addition, he will bring a weight, strength and overall athletic advantage to the match that will test Mr Gracie’s world renown skills to the limit! What a match!!”

The honourable and totally not a freak show MMA career of Gabi Garcia continues ... or does it?

The Freak show

Gabi Garcia  has thrown her hat in the (totally random outcome) world of fighting...again. But let's just look at the evidence to validate my claim of a 'freak show' of a MMA career. I'll keep this brief. 

Gabi Garcia, (94/207 Kilo's and pounds respectively) (world and absolute worlds, Pan American, BNA, World No Gi, World Jiu Jitsu Pro Cup, ADCC and European championship) fought 49 year, 72 kilo 'MMA' fighter and retired professional wrestler at Saitama Super Arena in Japan in .... 41 seconds by .. KO ... 

Yumiko Hotta was a retired 50'ish year old professional wrestler who should not have been allowed to fight Gabi. Gabi should not have taken the fight. Let's be honest. Even then Gabi's KO could have just as easily have been, and without any level of threat, a take-down to grappling town and win via submission.  The knockout was harsh to say the least, then to consider  at mid way through the fight Yumiko gets a knee to the face, turns to flee,  looks to the ref with a very 'shocked' expression (almost as if she was not expecting a real fight). This happens right after Yumiko starts the fight by running off 3 sides of the ropes... just like a pro wrestler ... oh and still dressed like a pro wrestler... 


then look at this video, you can see how one of the fighters may have been expecting something else other than a standard real fight 



Gabi Garcia, presently, in the prime of her life who is now 4-0 accomplished fighter, has another match coming up soon but If you want to see Yumiko Hotta in her prime you need to go back to around 1995 in a pro wrestling match with Margot Neyhoft.

Yumiko Hotta versus Margot Neyhoft



Gabi Garcia is now cementing her legacy into the hall of MMA fame , and this time it's at Shoot Boxing Girls S Cup, Russian Boxer Oksana Gagloeva (an upcoming RIZIN event expected July 30th.) Gabi has a real fight on her hands. More than that, this could be a fight the for the first time in her MMA career she might get the opportunity to show how hard she fights when she's not winning.   

Gagloeva Oksana: Country- Russia Age: 23 Height -177cm Weight - 100kg

2(x) Russian Champion in boxing 4(x) Greece Champion in boxing 3(x) Grappling Champion 2(x) Russian Champion in Armwrestling

Training at the Gladiator Fighting Team. Gagloeva also is a teammate of Garcia’s second MMA opponent, Anna Maliukova.


Here Oksana is here grappling, looking very very good!


This could be the redemption fight for Gabi's MMA image.

I know one thing... I'm tuning in to see her fight. Just like I have for every other of her fights. I want Gabi to be respected by not just the jiu jitsu community but also the MMA community too. 

Gagloeva takes on Garcia at RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2017 1st Round on July 30th, live from the Saitama Super Arena. This card will be headlined by former UFC title challenger Kyoji Horiguchi and Hideo Tokoro


But if you feel like my original title cast an unfair shadow on Gabi Garcia's MMA image... 

Last night Gabi fought this very brave cage fighter MEGUMI YABUSHITA  (45-year-old, 5-foot-2in) stand-up rules fight in short order: Shoot Boxing at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo. Gabi got disqualified.. for kicking her in the face whilst she was down. 



Heres the video. MEGUMI caught 2 kicks whilst down, the second ended the fight in a DQ against Gabi. I can't be the only one that thinks this freak show needs to stop .. am I?



My latest design the 'classic' Jiu Jitsu Sweatshirt


Jiu Jitsu Sweatshirt 'Classic Edition'

A simple design. One that all jiu jitsu addicts understand, but without the obvious large text slogans; I like the idea that the design does all the talking.


Grappling Science grey black belt sweater.jpg

'Classic Edition' street wear  

click below to check out the rest of the new collection from Grappling Science, the designs are for everyone... 

  • Lightweight crew neck sweat
  • Slim fit
  • Soft feel fabric
  • Set in sleeves
  • Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem
  • Taped neck
  • Stitched V detail at neck
  • Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified production


52% Ringspun Cotton 48% Polyester



Short video on some of my art for patches and rashguards

Here is some of my art, created in illustrator cs6. Music is by youtube artist Otis Mcdonald check him out if you like the music from this video. All designs can be flexible to your needs. Just email me with your designs or thoughts and lets create something fantastic. 

This is one of many of my Grappling Designs. The very first design that started Grappling Science as a brand. For more grappling gear visit the site below; for more of the 'art and design' side of it (combined with a lot of bjj video's) visit my Instagram or facebook. Thank for your time it means a lot, see you on the mats!

If you are still reading.. thanks... here's a code for £5 off the top rashguards - code: 'compete'

Instagram: @grapplingscience

80's elec pop feel to it!!

Break dancing BJJ phenom 'Freaks don't sleep' Geo Martinez in a short doc by Paper Son Films

(this is the second part btw, check his channel for more!!!)



A short doc I shot for BE TWN THE BRKS, the 2nd in my FREAK BROTHERS (2014) saga:

In the second installment of "The Freak Brothers" series "Freakahhzoid", aka Geo Martinez, a newly minted black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu out of the 10th Planet system, continues his ascent in the martial arts and grappling world. The competitive drive of Geo and his brother Richie aka Boogeyman, is captured in this short film tracking an exhausting journey via bus, from the R16 North America B-Boy competition in Las Vegas to the Eddie Bravo Invitational, an elite grappling tournament in Los Angeles - in back to back evenings! Experience their philosophies on dance, movement, and competition in this next great BE TWN THE BRKS exclusive!
starring Geovanny "Freakahhzoid" Martinez and featuring Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez, aka "The Freak Brothers" of The Freak Show.
Kavinsky - Night Call
Cliff Martinez feat. Electric Youth
Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Christopher @RockPaperSon Woon
the link from BE TWN THE BRKS
Paper Son Productions

Grappling Science Jiu Jitsu T shirt Video

Here is a small advert to display some of the jiu jitsu t shirts available in the uk store at Grappling Science. All the art is by myself, from the 'Dirty Strangler' t shirt to the 'Taken to deep waters' Octopus t shirt is unique designs!


Brazilian jiu jitsu practioner and full time athlete Paulo Miyao Admits To Failed USADA Test, Issues Statement

Paulo Miyao Admits To Failed USADA Test, Issues Statement


May 5, 2017

 Thursday night the 2016 Brazilian jiu jitsuLight-Featherweight black belt World Champion Paulo Miyao took to instagram to address rumors about his USADA test failure. His full statement reads:

"I would like to apologize to all who accompany me and support me, as many know I ended up failing in the USADA anti-doping test made during the 2016 World Championship, I take full responsibility, without excuses. I am sorry to my training partners and my teachers and secondly, for my opponents with whom I fought in this Worlds. My punishment will be two years. My heartfelt apologies to everyone. "Living in the past paralyzes the present and ruins the future""




10th Planet warm up drills

10th Planet warm up drills

A lot is said about the tenth planet creator Eddie bravo but who is he?

brazilian jiu jitsu  3rd degree black belt under Jean Jacques Machado also known as Eddie Bravo. Edgar "EddieBravo (born Edgar Cano on May 15, 1970) an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, and former UFC analyst. Before judging have a look at the warm up system they employ before rolling. uploaded by Jem havok. Go subscribe for more!! there are tons of great warm ups and drills there. 

What exactly is a rash guard anyway?

what is a rash guard?
why should you bother?
aren't they all the same anyway? 

The short answer:

A rash guard,  is a sport specific designed athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester. The term rash guard reflects the fact that the shirt protects the wearer against rashes caused by abrasion.

You should have one for your benefit and your partners benefit.

No, they are not the same.


Long answer

The rash guard is a mandatory element in your BJJ kit, particularly in no-gi grappling but it’s benefits of use with the gi is often one which remains open for debate. Some people feel less restricted without a rash guard, and absolutely refuse to wear one while rolling in the gi. while some feel they over heat when using a rash guard underneath a Gi; others would say they move more free wearing a rash guard in the Gi and feel it benefits both them and thier partner. For me, the benefits outway the negatives. For example, I would rather my rash guard absord most of my sweat than my gi, I always want something covering my chest (to be nice to my partners). I want my gear to help me and a rash guard wicks away sweat.

There are several reasons why I advocate the use of a rash guard under the gi.

  • Muscle Compression may prevent injury. At Grappling Science we went with the best supplier, not the cheapest. There is no other rash guard material that is more sport specific than ours. We spent one year testing over 15 different types of material from the ratio's of material, thickness and composition specific with exceptional industry stitching. There have been several studies on how wearing a rash guard after rolling can speed up injury recovery due to the compression of the muscles. Just as there are compression braces that reduce injuries of the knees and ankles, rash guards may also reduce the occurrence of minor acute injuries.
  • Reduce bacteria. In the gi, it is common to have over 40% of your skin exposed during rolling. This is how we contract skin disease like ring worm. Well, at least at the prevention level, a rash guard can be washed easier than your gi and will result in less contamination if worn under your gi.
  • Wick away moisture for better grips. Wearing a rash guard, will help to alleviate some of that sweat transfer.
  • Prevents mat burn. This is one ofpurposes of wearing a rash guard. When rolling no-gi, skin contact on your typical BJJ mat can cause friction scars. The chances of mat burn is high. Though the gi provides a barrier between the mat and your skin, it can create greater friction from rolling. The weave patterns on gi’s are designed to be durable and allow for griping, but it also creates a lot of friction. Wearing a rash guard can divert some of that friction to the rash guard, or even displace it all together, as it’s surface is a lot smoother than your skin.

Difference between a rashguard and a Compression shirt?

The main difference is one is sport specific and the other is not. With a compression shirt you may benefit from the physiological feedback offered by compression however you do not have the added benefit of

1. Wick away sweat

2. Thicker material that will last longer.

3. The rash guard is made with a much stronger type of stitching, normally.

4. Rash guard, almost exclusively, has sublimation as the artwork, which means, it's a lifetime guarantee that the art work peel, crack or fade.


With most rash guards you do not receive the benefits from compression tops. With Grappling Science gear you get both, with our jiu jitsu rash gaurds



panda king rash guard white background.jpg

Tim Ferriss tries to fast track in BJJ ... at Marcelo's

Tim Ferris joins International chess master and Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under marcelo garcia and world champion in push hands Michael Jordan to help Tim handle 5 days at Marcelo - while Tim tries to fast track bjj? want to see how it went... watch here. 



What is it like being an artist, BJJ blackbelt and all round great guy Seymour Yang AKA Meerkatsu

Meerkatsu was kind enough to answer some of my questions here at Grappling Science.  

laid back chats on Jiu Jistu, designing, starting your own brand and more. Thank you to Meerkatsu for such a great interview. Here is part one. part two coming soon. 

you can find him here here and here - this blog deserves many more followers, great content!

Meerkatsu is responsible for some iconic UK rash guards, but by no means UK exclusive. He's not just well known for his bjj rash guards or his jiu jitsu t shirts; his designs retain the same blend of individuality, love for jiu jitsu and express who is he as a person, across all his artwork. A gentleman who we need more of in the community, thank you to Meerkatsu for this interview. 




What is a Berimbolo?

We are all aware that sometimes we know the name of a move but can't visualise how it works. 

Sometimes we get to a point where people expect us to know how to execute a move, the teaching points, entries and subs that are available from it. So lets keep it basic and use sources that have covered it correctly. 

Berimbolo is the name given by Andre Galvao

You don't have to  use berimbolo to be a great grappler BUT you do need to know how to deal with it. Don't avoid it, learn it, so you don't need to deal with it later.

In my opinion ( Link to video here = Stephan kesting has the best entry level understanding of how to perform Berimbolo correctly.

when Roger Gracie was asked about the changes in BJJ he talks about how it continues to grow, new techniques and new ways to move your body. ''every person is different, people move different, they are always creating new styles. You have to be a professional athlete to become a world champion. People now, they doing weight training, more and more specific training, they are a lot more complete today, they have to be good standing up, guard, passing''.

When asked about his simple style and new techniques like berimbolo, do you think it is important to learn these things? 

''The more you know the better fighter you are.'' 

''You have to know everything to defend''


Do you teach Berimbolo

''Yeah, I do, I think it's important for people to know, when I teach something I never say this is the way, never, each person is different, move in a different way. ''


here is the interview here from BJJ hacks TV Youtube channel

I hope this helps understand what Berimbolo is, how to start the learning process and an insight to what the best in the world think about the new techniques. 


Now go out and Berimbolo everyone!