Custom rash guard

Custom rash guard

New design just dropped -

Japan on fire

based on the lesser known groups of Samurai.

But this post is not about the cultural references that make up the influences of the artwork but rather, how great my quality of material and build is. Better than that I want to blow my own horn and here is why

For the last few months I have been building a new catalogue of designs available for print on demand. You can get this design on a single unit, factory fresh five weeks to your door. You can have this print ready design for your own custom rash guards. You can have your own club logo, or company brand. Email at for discounts on wholesale. This design is ready for print, custom rash guard made for your club, free design help. You can get cheap rash guards that are cheaply made but you can’t get great rash guard’s with great build AND great artwork AND great after sale customer service. Only available at grappling science.

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New Yakuza Rash Guard

‘‘The largest yakuza syndicates operating today are the Kobe-based Yamaguchi-gumi, which includes about half of all active yakuza in Japan; the Sumiyoshi-kai, which originated in Osaka and boasts about 20,000 members; and the Inagawa-kai, out of Tokyo and Yokohama, with 15,000 members. The gangs engage in criminal activities such as international drug-smuggling, human trafficking, and arms smuggling. However, they also hold significant amounts of stock in large, legitimate corporations, and some have close ties with the Japanese business world, the banking sector, and the real estate market.

Yakuza and Society

Interestingly, after the devastating Kobe earthquake of January 17, 1995, it was the Yamaguchi-gumi who first came to the aid of victims in the gang's home city. Likewise, after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, different yakuza groups sent truck-loads of supplies to the affected area. ‘‘

‘‘Although the police are making serious efforts to suppress yakuza activity in Japan these days, it seems unlikely that the syndicates will disappear entirely. They have survived for more than 300 years, after all, and they are closely entwined with many aspects of Japanese society and culture. ‘‘

‘‘Whether the yakuza are trading in drugs, running gambling rings, or engaging in racketeering, it is clear that their moral claims, economic flexibility, and political manoeuvring have given these syndicates a hold on Japanese society that is utterly remarkable.’’

Available print on demand factory fresh 4-6 weeks to your door. Just drop your name and address with the size you want to   in return you will receive pay options (bank/paypal a etc) and a time scale.   Yakuza rash guards. Custom long sleeve and custom short sleeve rash guards made factory fresh sent to your door; personalised rashguards with your name, your club logo, your art. Fresh unique printed jiu jitsu gear, one of it’s kind. Bespoke to your wants.

Available print on demand factory fresh 4-6 weeks to your door. Just drop your name and address with the size you want to

in return you will receive pay options (bank/paypal a etc) and a time scale.

Yakuza rash guards. Custom long sleeve and custom short sleeve rash guards made factory fresh sent to your door; personalised rashguards with your name, your club logo, your art. Fresh unique printed jiu jitsu gear, one of it’s kind. Bespoke to your wants.

Custom womens rash guard by a designer who knows how to make it better

womens custom rash guard

Grappling Science custom rash guards FOR WOMEN - ENDLESS OPTIONS 

When you are wearing a tailored rash guard you know that you are looking your best – whether it is for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition, a casual open mat session or a seminar.

Style, comfort and personality only truly come together in perfectly tailored garments. If you are looking for a custom made rash guard to your exact size and body shape then you will want to drop an email to our online bespoke tailor


Buying clothing for women can be very difficult as individual body shapes alter so much depending on height, breadth of shoulders and bust.  This is why it is rare that a perfect fit can be found in the shops.  Our range of bespoke women’s tailored rash guard and spats take into account all of your measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time.

When you combine this with the fact that I have created a plethora of ready made designs ready for you to personalise and create the perfect rash guard for you.  Once you are happy with shape and style we can keep your profile on the system and reorder your custom rash guards in a variety of different design options so that you are safe in the knowledge that you are always looking your best.

custom rash guard

What could be better than a personalised rash guard? A fully bespoke rash guard that fits every part of your body. Our female bespoke rash guard service is a revelation in custom clothing. Made to order in every detail, this bespoke service has 360 degree printable areas, which you can design freely, all over from collar to hem.

  • Factory fresh to your door in five weeks.

  • short or long sleeve available

  • Have your club logo anywhere, any size

  • have your name or your sponsors names, official!

  • We can create a small social media pack, including short video with your purchase.

  • Ready made designs available at a drop of an email

  • Customise with no restrictions on size or volume. You are free to buy only one unit.

  • Make your own brand with custom labels.

  • Make a repeat order without resubmitting sizes.

What measurements do I need for my first bespoke rash guard?

The picture below shows four circles. The circles are where curves occur on a typical female custom rash guard.

Bust, hips, Waist and neck measurements (in cm’s please) all make up your perfect professionally fitted custom rash guard.

flat lock stitching on the panda king rashguard (3).jpg








Custom bespoke spats

Custom bespoke spats

Missed movies: Dark Series - Video Drome (David Lynch)

If you have seen the movie Video Drome I want you to tell me what you thought of it. If you have not seen the movie.. why not? Long live the new flesh! This is a movie that I loved when I first saw it, at the time I didn’t know anything about David Cronenberg or even actor James Woods let alone Debbie Harris. First hitting reality in 1983 and hailed as the decade’s answer to A Clockwork Orange by none other than Andy Warhol, Cronenberg’s eighth feature bold in nature, cerebrally challenging and visually mesmerising, brings its viewers into an unforgiving examination of human kind’s darker subservient tendencies. This is about immersive obsessions, mankinds darker nature, and ultimately what is reality, really? From the first frames of action - Videodrome is set in a near-future in which technology has become embedded in every layer of our life’s. A Toronto-based station specialising in shlock programming, flashes up before a woman (Julie Khaner) serenely delivers an automated wake-up call. Cronenberg may not have been actively trying to predict the future, but this scene contains an eerily accurate road map for the likes of like Siri, Alexa and other things alike (check out the film ‘Her’). We follow Max Renn (peak James Woods) descending into a waking nightmare as he is slowly and painfully consumed by Videodrome, an entirely plotless, extremely low-rent television show – think of it as an even more exploitative precursor to reality TV – which he believes to be the next big thing… Max’s mental collapse manifests as a grotesque physical mutation, a visual story… beautifully narrated by special effects maestro Rick Baker. The parables to today’s tech landscape shares strikingly scarey similarities. Rewatching Videodrome today makes me feel like I missed just how ahead of its time videodrome really was. For better and for worse, 30+ years on Cronenberg’s frightening futuristic vision is starting to become reality. Long live the new flesh! Before watching this, please make sure none of these descriptive’s put you off, don’t want you wasting your time: Dark, fantasy, gore, snuff, futuristic, made in 80’s, I give this 7.5 out of 10

A huge thank you to @jake_the_stampede 

I'm super grateful for being able to produce club rash guards, it means a lot. I think it takes real trust to pick a company to manufacture your grappling gear. To trust with your money. You can get stuck with long waits, price changes in the middle of the order, designs come out the opposite of what the customer wanted. There are a million things a factory can mess up on. I choose to look to the extra services above and beyond the norm', what else can I give to my customer, in what way can I stand out from the crowd. And it's not just a fancy logo and a facebook advert.

When you get designs as fantastic as this clubs design (for enquiries on getting one please contact Jake) you really want to show off the design and final product. Making video's really do add to the experience. 

Using a collection of apps, some free music, a little adobe magic and you have a video that show cases the the club design, gives you content for sharing amongst your own audience and helps getting noise for your own club! Video's always get more traction than info graphics. If you want to make your own video and not sure where to start... all you need is your phone, no money - just an hour or so and I promise you can have a basic video that your audience might just love. Go to the playstore just now, get a mobile app called inshot this app will let you upload any video from your mobile storage, trim the length/add text to the video including flexibility on location and duration of presence/you can add music through the app using your own or free music from youtube; just google free music from you tube and down load it to your phone. Oh, and this app is free.. and you don't have to use their company water mark. So that's it, no more excuses you can now start to make content for your own club, for your own brand for your own fight and sell more tickets. It's free, take advantage and use it to better your position. 

Shout out to @brazilianjiujitsubrighton @mmabrighton @elements_lewes

Hove + Brighton

Custom uk Rash guards by Grappling Science

Custom uk Rash guards by Grappling Science

You can find me here at Grappling Science on instagram entertaining, design and making factory fresh jiu jitsu clothing for the community.

Retro as fu..............

Retro as fun can be

My first memories of gaming:

Spectrum 128k + 2 - The way of the exploding fist, Operation Wolf + Turrican

Slaying dragons and freeing princes before it was cool.

Cassette tapes, joy sticks, and insanely difficult game play in each every single game

What's the earliest gaming you can remember?

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Custom rash guards made for you and your jiu jitsu club in mind

Making some mock designs for Braziliian Jiu Jitsu club @mundo_mma_bjj_gym

check out their club, it looks fantastic, in Radcliffe Bury.

Mundo MMA Gym was founded in Radcliffe, Bury, in July 2015 by owner and Head Coach Will Burke.

"We have a fantastic environment at Mundo where everybody looks after and pushes one another. We work hard every day and have great technical coaches. ‘‘

‘‘Whether you are completely new to Mixed Martial Arts, or have not yet found your home, we have the facilities and the coaching staff to take you as far as you are willing to go."

2018 I spent the year making as many designs as possible so in 2019 clubs and athletes don't loose money on making the artwork. You just pick the best pre made design/artwork for your club! Custom rash guards with custom designs. Each design made with custom flexibility in mind.

I'm always looking for artists, blog writers, video editors. If you want experience working with a jiu jitsu media and clothing company, i'm here to seek more peope to work and collab with.

Podcasts at request, happy to answer questions and curate content to promote your brand.

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A big huge thank you to my client Chetak for sending me custom designs for spats and vale tudo shorts and more. Custom clothing for brazilian jiu jitsu should be easy to get, easy to use and trustworthy. Building loyalty by showing the process and day to running of how grappling science is delivering a great customer service and excellent after care. I think thats a first for some jiu jitsu companies.

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custom jiu jitsu clothing at grappling science
custom jiu jitsu clothing by grapplnig science
custom martial art design

wrestled with the animal on a remote Colorado mountain before killing it with his foot

Jogging is an increasingly popular pastime in America. It helps you stay active, allows you to experience the outdoors, and best of all is entirely free. The problem is if you live in an area inhabited by wild animals, your exercise routine might lead you right into the path of a less-than-friendly neighbor. In the case of one especially unfortunate American runner, that unfriendly neighbor just happened to be a mountain lion.

incorreclty reported that ‘‘the guy’s instincts kicked in and he managed to get on the cougar’s back and lock in a rear naked choke
American man has told for the first time of his fight to the death with a mountain lion, describing in graphic detail how he wrestled with the animal on a remote Colorado mountain before killing it with his foot.

Travis Kauffman, 31, was half way through his 12 mile run along the ice-covered trails west of Fort Collins when "I was bummed out to see a mountain lion.”

"One of my worst fears was confirmed,"

"fear response turned into more of a fight response".

At 10 stone, five foot 10 - Mr Kauffman , waved his hands above his head to try and scare the lion, and yelled at it.

The Cougar, remaining underwhelmed by Kauffman’s strategy then lunged at him, latching onto his wrist and clawing at his face and legs.

"I was just kind of screaming the whole time, doing my barbarian yell,"

Kauffman reported trying to throw a cougar off you doesn’t work, as the cougar was strong and it became a wrestling match, Mr Kauffman said. "zero" martial arts or wrestling training and acted purely on adrenaline.

He knew he didn’t want his "guts" and groin injured so he used his knee to pin down the cat's back legs.

nearby sticks weren’t enough to kill the cougar, but they were rotten and kept breaking, and so he picked up a rock and was able to hit it in the back a few times.

Moving his right leg close to his wrist, which was in the grip of the lion's teeth, and stepped on its neck until he suffocated it.

Covered in blood, he then ran down the trail on a "fear high," suddenly noticing some possible signs of mountain lions and worrying about more in the area.

He ran three miles down the trail and along the way came across another trail runner, Spencer, who was on his way up the trail. They jogged down together and ran into a couple, Rachel and Noah, near a parking lot, and they had a mobile phone.

Driven to hospital, where he needed 25 stitches on his face and three on his wrist, where the lion had latched on.

"My face was kind of a bloody mess when I first got there," he said.

He had several puncture wounds from the animal's teeth and claws, but is expected to make a full recovery. He joked at his size, saying: “I will never be able to live up to the reputation.The story is bigger than my puny form.”

The social media tycoon Joe Rogan shared an Instagram post where he applauded the runner’s serious self-defence abilities, and remarked that he always carries a knife while out running just in case. When the safety advice was asked from Mark Leslie, of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region offered some advice. “What you want to do is convince the lion you are not prey and that you may, in fact, be a danger to the lion.” If the animal persists in its attack, the park recommends targeting the animal’s eyes and nose. No worries Mark.

Event horizon, Cube, Video Drome and more

I hope this year is the year that Jiu Jitsu clubs really hear about how great this website is. If you want custom rash guards you can select from many ready made designs. And these designs are not your normal ‘factory made’ design. These designs are sold all year round and keep selling out. Custom rash guards are made to help you select the best design for your club logo. You can put your name or club moto on the leg of custom spats, along custom grappling shorts or even as your own brand inside the garments. Your club deserves the best material, the best aftercare and the best designs. That’s what I focus on.

Every single design you see on my instagram and website is all available for you, make as many changes as you like, custom short sleeve or custom long sleeve rash guards. Spats can have mma cup space or without, shorts are all made stronger with longer drawstrings and fully flexible bottom panel, thicker material for wrestling, fully flexible waist band in the spats and flat lock stitching in all the right places.

If you have a look over my designs there is some obvious influences such as dark sci fi movies. Event horizon, Cube, Video Drome and more. This year i’m working on more abstract, robot war like landscapes and I think it’s working.

What is your influence? What will your rash guard say about you?

2019 is the year for the struggling artists of the martial arts community. Ever wanted your artwork on your own rash guard but don’t know how to manufacture your items? Ever wanted your own catalogue of full sets of grappling gear? Your designs on spats, shorts and rash guards?

Do you know an artist in your club? Tag them!

Do you know someone who doodles bad ass art? Tag them!

Do you want your own catalogue of designs? DM me!

Do you want your own designs and have them available to the masses cost free? DM me!

This year could be your year to launch your own grappling gear, DM me!

Last year I got messages from many artists that had real promise but the logistics of starting their own clothing line was just not possible. The costs, the industry knowledge, the technical understanding, printing methods, time scales, sublimation, flat lock stitching.

This level of difficulty, in artists getting started in their own brand, is why I’m here to change that. I want artists to be able to sell their artwork through grappling sciences. I want karate influenced designs, karate kid inspired designs, Night time Tokyo designs, Sailor tattoo designs, post apocalyptic landscapes, Japanese war influenced designs, animal inspired designs.

What if you want to make your own art?

Making your own artwork can be tricky, have you tried? You learn instantly that it’s a complex process and being an artist might not be enough. You need your artwork in vector format, not photoshop psd or png or jpeg, pdf is fine, but you need to be able to stretch your artwork and not lose any resolution, basically. You can spend hours just trying to get your logo centered and the right colour you want it. I’m here to take all that pain away. Pick your design, send your logo and the rest is taken care for you. If you have a logo i’m very happy to make you mock 2d designs for custom rash guards, spats and grappling shorts for your team.

Print on demand

Want to sell your rash guard on grappling science website? I will print and produce your order and send it to your customer, but…really..what is print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand publishing allows artists to print a very small number of custom rash guards or even a single custom rash guard, whenever there is demand for it. 
’’allowing prints of singular or small quantities.” In other words, print your custom rash guards when you have the demand.

The 5 advantages of print-on-demand

1. Print anything and everything

For print-on-demand, the only thing you need is a few ideas from designs around jiu jitsu to dark chilling sci fi, any genre of art work can be printed onto a custom rash guard with print-on-demand technology. With the self-printing industry booming, the custom rash guard ‘print-on-demand’ business is also booming, at a very fast pace. This simple and easy method now allows you to print on custom spats, custom rash guards or even custom shorts in any size, in color or black and white, with photographs or illustrations—everything! You just need to imagine how you want your custom rash guard to look, and it will be done.

2. Choose from a variety of designs

You want really incredible artwork to be on your club rash guard? with your own club logo over it?

—is that too much to ask? Well, no. Grappling Science Print-on-demand makes everything happen. You can choose to have your club rash guards available online on my website for your athletes -to buy on demand.

Stop worrying about vector art work, Pakistan manufacturing, say good bye to terrible customer service, no more issues with terrible design artists, unfair high prices for low quality goods. I have fixed everything. You can print on demand, one item at a time, you can have your choice of any of my many many designs for your custom spats, rash guards, shorts. You can have any size you want from 3 extra small to 7 extra big, I fix all your stitching and customer service issues, all your artwork and design issues, I can print one item or one hundred and you can supply your own artwork or choose from some of the most sick jiu jitsu designs available. Just at a drop of an email

I sort everything out for you, I fix the size issues, the colour and print issues, the manufacturing packaging and delivery, design and logo issues, I fix everything;right down to social media, I watermark your pics, create a short video and shout out over tens of thousands of followers.

print your custom spats in premium factory fresh vibrant colours, perfect blending, the most accurate and life long form of printing perfect for grappling.

3. Never go out of stock

One or a thousand—you can publish as many or as few custom rash guards as you want. Often, we are not so sure as to how “great” the demand for our new custom spats will be—it could be a hundred or even a thousand prints. With Grappling Science we can test the waters as they say, this is what print-on-demand does for your club or brand.

4. Update your designs / catalogue anytime

Another important advantage of print-on-demand is that you get to update information—at any stage and any number of times. In fact, it is always a good idea to publish a small number, so that you can get some feedback and make the necessary amendments before you go ahead and print a larger number. It may take some time to fix the errors, but your custom rash guards will sell more in the long run.

5. Spend your money wisely

Only print the number of rash guards you need. Gone are the days when self-publishing artists would set aside big sums of money in order to pay for large print runs. Now, a small budget can take you very far. You just need to plan how you want to spend your money. You can optimize your costs by printing fewer custom rash guards. The best part about using print-on-demand is that you don’t need to break the bank. You publish as per your budget.

Print-on-demand is the most efficient and convenient method of starting a brand. It has taken over the custom print world—especially first-time artists.

Your custom rash guard is your most valuable creation. Hence, getting complete control and seeing your brand go through the entire manufacturing process can be the best feeling ever. Publish your work the way you dreamt it to be—you wrote it, you decide how it should be made.

One of these custom rash guards is not like the others

Not all rash guards are made the same.

Grappling Science custom rash guards are made with real experience and have trouble shoot all the problems. Even the artwork.

Your rash guard design needs to be ‘sublimated’ (perfect vibrant colours, perfect finish with life long ), not ‘screen printed’ (thin paint like feel to the design on your clothing)

For custom made grappling gear, it's always sublimation otherwise it's not functional. Grappling clothing is expensive, so make sure you pick a brand that keeps quality as the thing they are known for.

Feel free to ask me any questions about, well anything really. dtg, screen print, vinyl, silicon, sublimation etc. All is available all with pro's and con's. Simply put if you are going to grapple in it, sublimation. It's the only method that's allows any colour, as bold as you want, life long artwork, sharp lines and flexibility. You have, for example, screen print, but you can only screen print in limited colours and you are left with a filament/paint which cracks and fades with only a few sessions of wrestling or grappling even under the gi. 


More custom rash guards than anywhere else on planet earth..I think


Here is a perfect example of what I set out to do, i’ve got the most designs for your club to choose from. There is no other jiu jitsu company offering so so so many designs for you and your club to pick the best one. Above is my design, and below is a design picked to have a jiu jitsu club logo perfectly placed.

Your team needs good quality rash guards, that help them perform and feel /look part of the family. No bulk orders needed, even if you just want one pair of custom spats you will receive the same quality material, design and finish a commercial order receives. That’s the difference.

but accessibility in sizing, unity in design and predictable receiving time with the same quality is no easy feat! but I go further, much further and offer much more! I can also get you pro pics, water marked with your logo and a short video for you to show your tribe! a shout out on the social media with ten’s of thousands in followers, rising waves help many ships.

More custom rash guard designs available than any other jiu jitsu company. Print on demand factory fresh custom rash guards.


Hi to all the grappling Teams out there!


Hi to all the grappling Teams out there!

Having a great team and great instructors can only get better by having your own grappling gear. Finding designs can be hard, I understand that- not everyone is into designing their own artwork- so take sometime to look through all my designs on my website and instagram , find ones you like and lets put your club logo on them! even it’s one item or 100 custom rash guards, i’m here for you.

Your team needs good quality rash guards, that help them perform and feel /look part of the family. No bulk orders needed, even if you just want spats you will receive the same quality material, design and finish a commercial order receives. Thats the difference.

but accessibility in sizing, unity in design and predictable receiving time with the quality is no easy feat! but I go further I can also get you pro pics, water marked with your logo and a short video for you to show your tribe!

I have an idea, to promote your grappling clothing on my web site for the athletes then to order it through me, print on demand - but with custom rash guards! drop me an email

Few questions you may have:

What printing/laminating methods are you using?

For grappling gear, it's always sublimation otherwise it's not functional. Feel free to ask me any questions about, well anything really. dtg, screen print, vinyl, silicon, sublimation etc. All is available all with pro's and con's. Simply put if you are going to grapple in it, sublimation. It's the only method that's allows any colour, as bold as you want, life long artwork, sharp lines and flexibility. You have, for example, screen print, but you can only screen print in limited colours and you are left with a filament/paint which cracks and fades with only a few sessions of wrestling or grappling even under the gi. 


How can I make my art print ready for you ?

To be print ready, is to have the artwork placed as you want it in the desired template, ie rash guard or shorts template, normally pdf, ai or eps format, not sure? drop me an email. Please note, the colours you see on your screen won't be a perfect match when printed, will be very close. If that's an issue we can resolve it using cmyk/pantone charts etc. I'm here to help if we do. 

Lead time- delivery time: Here we see a draw back to ordering minimum orders, the lead time can vary as the machines normally run large runs of the same print. As such, they take some days to be free for use, we can be looking at 4-6 weeks depending. This might be further down the line but if we order larger units, this lead time decreases, normally. 

 Hope this all makes sense thanks again 



Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.

Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.

I want you to know that anyone can become a designer

I want you to know that anyone can become a designer. An artist, a jiu jitsu brand. You can, I mean that. Anyone can. Right now think of a name for your brand, you can change it at any time. That name will be your instagram and facebook name. You want to google white label drop ship, this is who will print your clothing on demand. Make a t shirt with your brand name or logo and start to talk about it on instagram, facebook, start to drum up interest. Thats you now a jiu jitsu brand, where you take it from there is up to you. But if all that seems to much, remember it’s free, every single step i just described is free and you can do it anywhere in the world, and do the work required in your own time. Never before could we work 50 hours a week and use the internet to build a brand, start a business, create some noise. And everything i’ve described is free. Just add a blog, start to create interesting content, build a community and give them a reason to stay. Do it if it’s in your heart and you will never regret youractions. Be brave, this is what martial arts is all about, digging deep doing the work and rising to the challenge. Onwards and upwards

Message me with any questions you have on social media, illustration podcasts, brand building, i’m here to help.

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How good can it get?

Why should you care about what Grappling Science Media is doing for you in 2019?

You can now sell your artwork through Grappling science media.

You send me the artwork, it goes up online and when it sells you get paid

without needing a manufacturing facility, without any sublimation skills,

without any risk of losing money in high volume stock.

Know an artist? Share this post right now!

Jiu Jitsu artists can now sell their artwork through Grappling  Science Media in 2019!

Why is this amazing?

The price point to enter into the clothing industry in jiu jitsu is very very steep. I want to help. I’m so excited that next year I will be offering jiu jitsu artists the opportunity to sell rash guards, custom made via the website.

For some years you have been able to get your own jiu jitsu clothing made but you had to either be a vector based artist or chose from some pretty poor inflexible designs on offer. In 2018 I changed that, but i’m not stopping there! Grappling science media (gsm) was the first bjj website where you could select your own pre made rash guard design from such a huge library of designs to compliment your own club logo or name! (i’ve spent years making a catalogue of jiu jitsu designs for you to choose from on your spats shorts and rash guards)

What is the cost for selling through your website?

None, if you can create vector artwork you can sell through the website. Your own brand of rash guard.

Can I make my own custom rash guard?

Yes, I can make an individual rash guard for you. I can even make the artwork for you.

Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can. I can help with your artwork or you can select from one of my many designs.

What if I can’t make my artwork print ready?

For a small fee I can make your artwork print ready.

How long does production take?

From point of sale  the item should arrive between 4 to 5 weeks, this can be sooner but global shipping causes skews in my overall service delivery. Factory fresh to your door with your own branded clothing. Your own brand. Yours. At no cost.

Why am I doing this?

Because this is the only way I can help people avoid the things that happened to me. I’ve lost my savings to factories that lied, cheated and robbed. I’ve moved house and i’ve survived on four hour sleeps to get back from the costly decisions of deceptive factories. I’ve genuinely lost thousands on manufacturing now.

So, how does it work?

If you want your art to be sold on a rash guard I need a vector or pdf artwork. I can help make it print ready for a small fee or you can avoid this by putting your artwork into a print ready template you can get by dropping me an email at

How do I get paid?

I’m expecting to use paypal. The customer can pay you and you send me the payment and i’ll fulfil the order for you or your artwork is already on the website and your customer pays through my website. I’ve no idea of the framework for cost’s kick backs, global currencies etc but i’ll work it out for start of 2019.

I’m not able to give everyone their own shop/page and I can’t guarantee i’m able to put everyones art on the page but i’ll do my best.

I’m also looking for bloggers, artists, animators and video editors. If you are interested drop me an email


Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can make your own and I can produce them. If you like them you can start to sell them through the website without putting up any cost for a run of clothing. I can even brand them for you. Or even help you with your artwork, although you can avoid the artwork fee if you prepare the item yourself. Remember advice is always free.

Can I make a design for spats and sell them through your website?

You can make as many designs for spats as you like, I can help you get them website ready for you. I can help with promotion of your items too.

Can I make my own custom spat design and sell it through grappling science without spending any money?

Yes. It’s possible that your artwork is not only shown on the website but also across social media

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Twitter (factoryfresh)

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Youtube (grapplingscience)

The state of your mind is where your strength is measured


To learn from mistakes not making excuses

That ability to dig deeper, to push harder, to transcend the pain while we may not all be born with superhuman strength, speed, or endurance, we are all born with the ability to choose which path we'll take

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custom rash guards with armour? I got you right here

Custom art for all us mat rats

The entire under armour is made digitally from scratch and built up over 5 layers.

The armour is 3 tone with subtle 2d effects as with the shield on the back panel.

2 options for the sleeves - one with front armour over underarmour running the full length from shoulder to wrist twisting around the arm.

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front master for susie.jpg

Tokyo Blackout:

Tokyo Blackout:

In the year 1987 on July the 23, the met' Tokyo experienced a devastating blackout caused by voltage instability. In the blackout more than 8 GW and 2.8 million homes affected. Lessons learned from the blackout have formed the foundation of voltage and reactive power control, currently adopted (TBO) TOYKO BLACKOUT. The very material used to harness the volatile voltage has been forged to create TBO spats.

crafting awesomeness factory fresh to your door.

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How to pick a clothing factory? quick guide

How to pick a clothing factory?

The most common comments I receive, around my business, is how great the aftercare is; once you have received your items the service only stops once you are happy. Mistakes happen but how much care do you receive after the payments been taken? Do you know what I mean? When you pick Grappling Science my customer service goes beyond your money landing in my account. I don’t spend money on marketing, my customers are my marketing. Infact, i’m pretty confident you are reading this because of a recommendation from someone else right? No?

I’m here to help and I mean that. If you just want some advice on a logo for your club, drop me an email if I can fix it quick, it’s free and I mean that. I’m here to stay and i’m here to help. I’m a grappler, I know that equipment is too expensive, I know that competitions are costly, training is hard, you sacrifice a lot. The last thing you deserve is a second rate service on your clothing. I don’t know about you but my experience of working with factories, like from day one or year one..(because I didn’t always manufacture, I was once only the artist and not the supplier, so I know the challenges you face) was scary daunting and insanely expensive, In fact let’s talk about that, let’s look at things to avoid, so we don’t get burnt again. Please note, I lost so much, not just time or patience but I mean money. I’m not trying to scare you but rather warn you. Be careful, think about what manufacturer you go with and DO NOT LET COST BE THE FACTOR. DON’T!. The biggest decider on who to go with, should always be previous customer experience, there is no other gold standard in service. That is so important let’s say it again... Your choice of factory should be based on PREVIOUS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Your factory should win your confidence, it should not be guess work, you should never have to ‘take a risk’. That’s what was so unfair, in the beginning, you had to take a risk and hope you didn’t get ripped off. I believe you should go with someone you see producing content every day, go with someone who you can clearly communicate with, go with someone you know understands what makes good spats, go with someone that has wrestled, Someone that knows your spats need long draw stings so they don’t get lost in the wash machine. With waist bands that can stretch a few inches. Rash guards should be a close compression like fit, with small collars. We are not surfing.

Shorts should have a 4 way stretch bottom panel and shouldn’t rip when we pull our draw strings.

Don’t let price be the reason you choose someone

I know the price is the biggest concern for most clubs but please remember factories know this and can exploit this, they will undercut, short sell us and disappear (this is rare but i’ve known people that just disappeared after payment). Have you had a factory approach you but they have no followers? Their artwork is non existent or worse they have clearly stolen pictures from other suppliers. Their communication is below par? Look out for factories that play on poor communication as they can use this as a way to deflect accountability later!.

Don’t go with a factory that says yes to everything

What’s very interesting is how many questions your factory ask you. If we collaborate together I will ask you so many questions you might actually get annoyed, but why? After years of designing and manufacturing, lots of questions is the only way to know that what I THINK you want, is ACTUALLY what you are asking for. The key is in the details. Thats why I say avoid the yes man!

They say yes to everything? (please be careful with this one, no factory should say yes to everything, if they really are capable of manufacturing on a large scale it’s understandable they say no to some of our requests). Always get a sample, your factory should be able to produce a single item for you, after your sample don’t immediately order one hundred units, go with thirty, don’t put all your eggs in one basket until you know it’s a safe basket.

Don’t assume they are experts

If your factory has an Instagram and the feed is just motorcycle clothing and leather gloves. But you want custom rash guards or custom shorts.. this is not the factory you should go with and I promise you they will say yes to everything. Here’s a good point to mention, ask your supplier about their knowledge of the clothing they make. Do they know your concerns? Don’t assume they are experts. This is an assumption you should not lend your factory. They should prove to you they are the leading factory and most knowledgeable in their chosen field.

All these warning signs should signpost to you a level of risk that is too high and you don’t want to work with and you don’t have to. You have the power, you make the choice.

I hope this helps, thanks Glen at Grappling Science

Dont’ and Do’s for choosing a clothing factory-

  1. Don’t let price be the reason you choose

  2. Don’t assume they are experts

  3. Don’t go with a factory that says yes to everything

  4. Don’t use factories that make motorcycle clothing or real leather gloves, you know?

  5. Don’t go with the  yes factory, saying yes to everyone of your requests is not a good sign.
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