Hi to all the grappling Teams out there!


Hi to all the grappling Teams out there!

Having a great team and great instructors can only get better by having your own grappling gear. Finding designs can be hard, I understand that- not everyone is into designing their own artwork- so take sometime to look through all my designs on my website and instagram , find ones you like and lets put your club logo on them! even it’s one item or 100 custom rash guards, i’m here for you.

Your team needs good quality rash guards, that help them perform and feel /look part of the family. No bulk orders needed, even if you just want spats you will receive the same quality material, design and finish a commercial order receives. Thats the difference.

but accessibility in sizing, unity in design and predictable receiving time with the quality is no easy feat! but I go further I can also get you pro pics, water marked with your logo and a short video for you to show your tribe!

I have an idea, to promote your grappling clothing on my web site for the athletes then to order it through me, print on demand - but with custom rash guards! drop me an email grapplingscience@mail.com

Few questions you may have:

What printing/laminating methods are you using?

For grappling gear, it's always sublimation otherwise it's not functional. Feel free to ask me any questions about, well anything really. dtg, screen print, vinyl, silicon, sublimation etc. All is available all with pro's and con's. Simply put if you are going to grapple in it, sublimation. It's the only method that's allows any colour, as bold as you want, life long artwork, sharp lines and flexibility. You have, for example, screen print, but you can only screen print in limited colours and you are left with a filament/paint which cracks and fades with only a few sessions of wrestling or grappling even under the gi. 


How can I make my art print ready for you ?

To be print ready, is to have the artwork placed as you want it in the desired template, ie rash guard or shorts template, normally pdf, ai or eps format, not sure? drop me an email. Please note, the colours you see on your screen won't be a perfect match when printed, will be very close. If that's an issue we can resolve it using cmyk/pantone charts etc. I'm here to help if we do. 

Lead time- delivery time: Here we see a draw back to ordering minimum orders, the lead time can vary as the machines normally run large runs of the same print. As such, they take some days to be free for use, we can be looking at 4-6 weeks depending. This might be further down the line but if we order larger units, this lead time decreases, normally. 

 Hope this all makes sense thanks again 



Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.

Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.

I want you to know that anyone can become a designer

I want you to know that anyone can become a designer. An artist, a jiu jitsu brand. You can, I mean that. Anyone can. Right now think of a name for your brand, you can change it at any time. That name will be your instagram and facebook name. You want to google white label drop ship, this is who will print your clothing on demand. Make a t shirt with your brand name or logo and start to talk about it on instagram, facebook, start to drum up interest. Thats you now a jiu jitsu brand, where you take it from there is up to you. But if all that seems to much, remember it’s free, every single step i just described is free and you can do it anywhere in the world, and do the work required in your own time. Never before could we work 50 hours a week and use the internet to build a brand, start a business, create some noise. And everything i’ve described is free. Just add a blog, start to create interesting content, build a community and give them a reason to stay. Do it if it’s in your heart and you will never regret youractions. Be brave, this is what martial arts is all about, digging deep doing the work and rising to the challenge. Onwards and upwards

Message me with any questions you have on social media, illustration podcasts, brand building, i’m here to help.

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How good can it get?

Why should you care about what Grappling Science Media is doing for you in 2019?

You can now sell your artwork through Grappling science media.

You send me the artwork, it goes up online and when it sells you get paid

without needing a manufacturing facility, without any sublimation skills,

without any risk of losing money in high volume stock.

Know an artist? Share this post right now!

Jiu Jitsu artists can now sell their artwork through Grappling  Science Media in 2019!

Why is this amazing?

The price point to enter into the clothing industry in jiu jitsu is very very steep. I want to help. I’m so excited that next year I will be offering jiu jitsu artists the opportunity to sell rash guards, custom made via the website.

For some years you have been able to get your own jiu jitsu clothing made but you had to either be a vector based artist or chose from some pretty poor inflexible designs on offer. In 2018 I changed that, but i’m not stopping there! Grappling science media (gsm) was the first bjj website where you could select your own pre made rash guard design from such a huge library of designs to compliment your own club logo or name! (i’ve spent years making a catalogue of jiu jitsu designs for you to choose from on your spats shorts and rash guards)

What is the cost for selling through your website?

None, if you can create vector artwork you can sell through the website. Your own brand of rash guard.

Can I make my own custom rash guard?

Yes, I can make an individual rash guard for you. I can even make the artwork for you.


Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can. I can help with your artwork or you can select from one of my many designs.


What if I can’t make my artwork print ready?

For a small fee I can make your artwork print ready.

How long does production take?

From point of sale  the item should arrive between 4 to 5 weeks, this can be sooner but global shipping causes skews in my overall service delivery. Factory fresh to your door with your own branded clothing. Your own brand. Yours. At no cost.

Why am I doing this?

Because this is the only way I can help people avoid the things that happened to me. I’ve lost my savings to factories that lied, cheated and robbed. I’ve moved house and i’ve survived on four hour sleeps to get back from the costly decisions of deceptive factories. I’ve genuinely lost thousands on manufacturing now.


So, how does it work?

If you want your art to be sold on a rash guard I need a vector or pdf artwork. I can help make it print ready for a small fee or you can avoid this by putting your artwork into a print ready template you can get by dropping me an email at grapplingsciences@mail.com

How do I get paid?

I’m expecting to use paypal. The customer can pay you and you send me the payment and i’ll fulfil the order for you or your artwork is already on the website and your customer pays through my website. I’ve no idea of the framework for cost’s kick backs, global currencies etc but i’ll work it out for start of 2019.

I’m not able to give everyone their own shop/page and I can’t guarantee i’m able to put everyones art on the page but i’ll do my best.

I’m also looking for bloggers, artists, animators and video editors. If you are interested drop me an email atgrapplingscience@mail.com


Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can make your own and I can produce them. If you like them you can start to sell them through the website without putting up any cost for a run of clothing. I can even brand them for you. Or even help you with your artwork, although you can avoid the artwork fee if you prepare the item yourself. Remember advice is always free.

Can I make a design for spats and sell them through your website?

You can make as many designs for spats as you like, I can help you get them website ready for you. I can help with promotion of your items too.

Can I make my own custom spat design and sell it through grappling science without spending any money?

Yes. It’s possible that your artwork is not only shown on the website but also across social media

Facebook (grapplingsciencemedia)

Twitter (factoryfresh)

Instagram (grapplingscience)

Pintrest (grapplingscience)

Linkdin  (grapplingscience)

Plotaverse (grapplingscience)

Youtube (grapplingscience)


The state of your mind is where your strength is measured


To learn from mistakes not making excuses

That ability to dig deeper, to push harder, to transcend the pain while we may not all be born with superhuman strength, speed, or endurance, we are all born with the ability to choose which path we'll take

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custom rash guards with armour? I got you right here

Custom art for all us mat rats

The entire under armour is made digitally from scratch and built up over 5 layers.

The armour is 3 tone with subtle 2d effects as with the shield on the back panel.

2 options for the sleeves - one with front armour over underarmour running the full length from shoulder to wrist twisting around the arm.

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front master for susie.jpg

Tokyo Blackout:

Tokyo Blackout:

In the year 1987 on July the 23, the met' Tokyo experienced a devastating blackout caused by voltage instability. In the blackout more than 8 GW and 2.8 million homes affected. Lessons learned from the blackout have formed the foundation of voltage and reactive power control, currently adopted (TBO) TOYKO BLACKOUT. The very material used to harness the volatile voltage has been forged to create TBO spats.

crafting awesomeness factory fresh to your door.

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How to pick a clothing factory? quick guide

How to pick a clothing factory?

The most common comments I receive, around my business, is how great the aftercare is; once you have received your items the service only stops once you are happy. Mistakes happen but how much care do you receive after the payments been taken? Do you know what I mean? When you pick Grappling Science my customer service goes beyond your money landing in my account. I don’t spend money on marketing, my customers are my marketing. Infact, i’m pretty confident you are reading this because of a recommendation from someone else right? No? 


I’m here to help and I mean that. If you just want some advice on a logo for your club, drop me an email if I can fix it quick, it’s free and I mean that. I’m here to stay and i’m here to help. I’m a grappler, I know that equipment is too expensive, I know that competitions are costly, training is hard, you sacrifice a lot. The last thing you deserve is a second rate service on your clothing. I don’t know about you but my experience of working with factories, like from day one or year one..(because I didn’t always manufacture, I was once only the artist and not the supplier, so I know the challenges you face) was scary daunting and insanely expensive, In fact let’s talk about that, let’s look at things to avoid, so we don’t get burnt again. Please note, I lost so much, not just time or patience but I mean money. I’m not trying to scare you but rather warn you. Be careful, think about what manufacturer you go with and DO NOT LET COST BE THE FACTOR. DON’T!. The biggest decider on who to go with, should always be previous customer experience, there is no other gold standard in service. That is so important let’s say it again... Your choice of factory should be based on PREVIOUS CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Your factory should win your confidence, it should not be guess work, you should never have to ‘take a risk’. That’s what was so unfair, in the beginning, you had to take a risk and hope you didn’t get ripped off. I believe you should go with someone you see producing content every day, go with someone who you can clearly communicate with, go with someone you know understands what makes good spats, go with someone that has wrestled, Someone that knows your spats need long draw stings so they don’t get lost in the wash machine. With waist bands that can stretch a few inches. Rash guards should be a close compression like fit, with small collars. We are not surfing.

Shorts should have a 4 way stretch bottom panel and shouldn’t rip when we pull our draw strings.

Don’t let price be the reason you choose someone

I know the price is the biggest concern for most clubs but please remember factories know this and can exploit this, they will undercut, short sell us and disappear (this is rare but i’ve known people that just disappeared after payment). Have you had a factory approach you but they have no followers? Their artwork is non existent or worse they have clearly stolen pictures from other suppliers. Their communication is below par? Look out for factories that play on poor communication as they can use this as a way to deflect accountability later!.

Don’t go with a factory that says yes to everything

What’s very interesting is how many questions your factory ask you. If we collaborate together I will ask you so many questions you might actually get annoyed, but why? After years of designing and manufacturing, lots of questions is the only way to know that what I THINK you want, is ACTUALLY what you are asking for. The key is in the details. Thats why I say avoid the yes man!

They say yes to everything? (please be careful with this one, no factory should say yes to everything, if they really are capable of manufacturing on a large scale it’s understandable they say no to some of our requests). Always get a sample, your factory should be able to produce a single item for you, after your sample don’t immediately order one hundred units, go with thirty, don’t put all your eggs in one basket until you know it’s a safe basket.

Don’t assume they are experts

If your factory has an Instagram and the feed is just motorcycle clothing and leather gloves. But you want custom rash guards or custom shorts.. this is not the factory you should go with and I promise you they will say yes to everything. Here’s a good point to mention, ask your supplier about their knowledge of the clothing they make. Do they know your concerns? Don’t assume they are experts. This is an assumption you should not lend your factory. They should prove to you they are the leading factory and most knowledgeable in their chosen field.

All these warning signs should signpost to you a level of risk that is too high and you don’t want to work with and you don’t have to. You have the power, you make the choice.

I hope this helps, thanks Glen at Grappling Science

Dont’ and Do’s for choosing a clothing factory-

  1. Don’t let price be the reason you choose

  2. Don’t assume they are experts

  3. Don’t go with a factory that says yes to everything

  4. Don’t use factories that make motorcycle clothing or real leather gloves, you know?

  5. Don’t go with the  yes factory, saying yes to everyone of your requests is not a good sign.

custom rash guard

Jacobs ladder

My ready made rash guard 'Demons Gate' another custom artwork for us mat rats. 

 Demon's Gate artwork is influenced by a films like 'Jacobs ladder' (Cult psychological horror-thriller starring Tim Robbins) Angel Heart, the Cube, Video Drome etc.

This rash guard really shows the darker side of grappling, the monsters that we grapple with, the demons at the door. I give you the Demons Gate rash guard. Japanese 'Grappling Science' Kanji across the front chest. 


 Everything is built slightly stronger to endure tougher rolling.

Medium weight stretchy fabric moves with you

Compression fit to keep the Demon locked inside.

Flat seams move smoothly against your skin.

Ergonomic seams and stretch insets for wide range like a yoga teaching albatross

Myofascial injury reduction like a shamans  Rod of Asclepius

This rash guard is factory fresh made to order. It's also available with your logo or name, simply email me at grapplingscience@mail.com and let's get it made for you. 

Thicker rash guards, better designs, longer lasting, years of experience.. that's Grappling Science. One of the best places for custom Uk Rash guards who offer WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. 

 EST: time for delivery 4-5 WEEKS  

Always here if you want to make this design personalised for you

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A body forming fit that delivers easy, unrestricted movement. Engineered as a second skin with thermo-regulating tech to keep you cool and dry, ensuring comfort under the most strenuous training.

Designed to go anywhere

compression line is a representation of uncompromised excellence.

Specifications GrapplingScience Rash Guard :

• Helps optimize body temperature to maintain maximum muscle function.

• Compression keeps your muscles engaged and skin dry

• Reinforced stitching to ensure unsurpassed durability.

• Athletic pattern made from polyester elastane mix for great fit and comfort.

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How can war be pretty?

There’s nothing pretty about war.     New ‘‘pretty war’’ rash guard just dropped.     custom rash guards for mat rats at the drop of an email grapplingscience@mail.com   facebook   instagram

There’s nothing pretty about war.

New ‘‘pretty war’’ rash guard just dropped.

custom rash guards for mat rats at the drop of an email grapplingscience@mail.com

facebook instagram


 The most unlikely Yoga teacher you could expect to meet.

In August 2006 I officially became the most unlikely, newly qualified, Yoga teacher you could expect to meet. After my year long teaching qualification and meeting some great teachers in Qigong, Biomechanics, NLP and more; I met some pretty cool people from anatomy expert David Keil to the charismatic famous Duncan Wong.   That was over ten years ago now.

I studied Ashtanga Yoga, in Mysore, India. I would practice around 6am every morning, apart from full moon days. Sometimes double sessions. I would take my morning cold shower (bucket and water from the tap you definitely shouldn’t drink) and would make my way to the studio, to the sounds of religious sirens bellowing across the town of Mysore. After months of the primary series I still got nowhere near the full splits. Not even Venkatesh’s body weight would help me get closer

Very few people can achieve the box splits (i’m wondering if anyone here can?) but if you are one of the lucky ones then know I’ve got your back! You can be rest assured, your grappling science shorts won’t rip. But your pants might. But i’m not here to talk about your pants i’m here to talk about how even better my grappling shorts really are! Every single pair all have something important in common. The bottom panel of my shorts have been built with the ‘banana splits’ in mind. Fully flexible bottom panel! It’s nearly 2019 people!

grappling shorts.jpg

After a year or two designing the art for my own clothes I wanted more than just bad ass original artwork on my custom shorts and rash guards, I wanted the build.. the technology .. the thought behind the build to reflect my years of yoga, my years of sport science and grappling coming together to make something great.

Over the years of grappling I noticed some design faults in my Jiu Jitsu clothing. I decided to stop talking and do something about it. Today I bring you Grapplingscience shorts!

facebook timeline master 2018 black octo long shorts - Copy.jpg

You know what is amazing about designing your own rash guard? If people like it, they can buy it!

But you need somewhere to make and supply the rash guards, but you don’t want to pay for 100 rash guards and then worry if you can sell the other 99. I got 99 problems but rash guards I can’t sell ain’t one.... sorry I shouldn’t rap, this is serious chat.

Never before could you sell your designs through a Jiu Jitsu website but it’s 2019 people and i’m not going to hold anyone back from being the next biggest designer. Over the years designing clothing it’s become apparent, taste is subjective. If you like your design, chances are someone else will too!

Tip one: Don’t get hung up on wondering if anyone will like your design. You might surprise yourself.

Tip two: Make art you like- not art you hope I will like, make it the way you want it.

Tip three: Reach out and ask questions, all questions are good. Let’s get you answers.

Regardless of what you think

Regardless of what you think of your own artwork, I want you to know that someone ..somewhere ..will fall in love with it and think you are amazing. I want you to know that, believe it and give less monkeys about people’s opinions, don’t look for support just look for opportunity. Social media is free.. IT’S FREE! If you have art work why are you not posting it? Maybe you don’t care, and thats cool. If you genuinely don’t care if no one ever see’s your art I respect that. But if you are like me and you love seeing what the world’s reactions will be to your next design, get posting. Start a new account or post on your own, it doesn’t matter just know one thing.. regardless of how amazing or terrible your art is today nothing bad is going to happen if you start to post on social media.

I want you to care less about your own opinion of how good or bad you think your art is. Just get it posted, be brave, nothing bad is going to happen and you never know where it will take you. Care less Do more that’s GrapplingScience

Tag someone who keeps thinking about doing more on social media, show them this and lets do it together!

You can now sell your art through Grappling Science Media

How old is too old?

Limited edition -

Estimate delivery 5 weeks via royal mail international.

Request long sleeve at a drop of an email at grapplingscience@mail.com.

This design is a 'Retro Rash guards' Special limited edition (Only 99 are getting sold!)

Are you old enough to remember what a Spectrum 128k + 2 or a Commodore 64 is? You might be in my gang! Remember the screeching fax machine noise for minutes before you could play, you might even have two two tapes to load first.

Some of my fave games from back in the day 'Double Dragon, RoboCop 2, Pang, Battle Command, Toki, Shadow of the Beast and Lemmings... also Batman The Movie for the console, Rick Dangerous and MicroProse Soccer! What game was your go to?

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I never thought it would come to this..

opt 1.jpg

Being from a small mining village in Scotland I can’t imagine my career adviser guessed this would be my future.

I was never going to impress anyone with my school results, my prospects as a ufc world champion or my lack of knowledge in football. All that detention for drawing on desks…but look at me now… fur coat, pink spats and bare feet, look who’s laughing now…

I have zero advice for anyone considering a career change or even outdoor photo shots. These photo's are a testament to that. I didn’t take into account the high risk of broken glass, cold winds, and tickly moss.

There is nothing glamorous behind the camera, it's cold and it's much harder to apply a filter to reality. Lucky I got these spats to take all the attention!



The hard work is real ladies and gentlemen. This is the landscape, we lead by example or not at all. If you are running a business or you are taking 8 hours sleep to six hours a night to get that extra sparring session in, win or loose, you can be happy knowing that you genuinely smashing life.

#grapplingscience #bjjforlife #bjj4life #jiujitsu




The strangler patch

8 hours for one picture, is it worth it?

Blogger photography may have a hipster fringe appeal, possibly even started as a niche industry but I am further from that world than I am from me being on a carb free diet when Ben and Jerry’s is on offer. I’ve only ever owned one camera and that’s the dlsr Nikon I picked up from a stranger on Gumtree in the middle of London for £200 some years ago. My skill is in art and design and it took me eight hours doing an indoor photography shoot to figure out this industry is a difficult one to “fake it till you make it” in. I think it is important to know my strengths but also identify my weaknesses.


But with the community spirit, the fellow grapplers and the gym members who helped outside the gym, the hours flew by. The optimism was high, pictures where taken, filters were added, the factory lighting caused nightmares to the unskilled, wifi was sought, batteries died…. it was a messy day.

It’s incredible to consider what we can create when we come together. Even more incredible to think that they all these people literally try to kill me, day in and day out…. they even get dressed up for it!…. i’m feeling conflicted :)

Another photo shoot, all indoors, working natural factory lighting with a great team that made it happen. None of it could happen without all the team at the gym, i'm legit grateful that I have so many great athletes from the club happy to help and give it their all, thank you .

#bjj #grapplingscience

grappling science spats

Why good quality clothes matter

There is a real pleasure in recognising when something has been well made. Custom clothing is about using materials that are fit for purpose. The product has to make you want more, it has to be aesthetically pleasing, has to be functional – and if it has extra character to it, too, well, then that's something else.

grapplingscience rash guards

Through a thoughtful process of fibre selection, based material density and sublimation methods, I’ve managed to present a new high-grade quality of bespoke clothing. Seeking to tackle rising prices on jiu jitsu custom clothing, this comes as an option for wholesale prices and manufacturing prices on jiu jitsu custom apparel –  especially superior due to this fabric’s high durability.

grappling science rash gaurd

Hand in hand with good manufacture is having an edited approach to content creation. Grappling Science Media (GSM) is the driving force for brands that want a professional and evidence based social media management to deliver, create, command and call to action loyal tribe of ten’s and hundred’s of loyal fans. Help to resolve your challenges at a drop of an email grapplingscience@mail.com




Supreme quality and 2019

Fashion, in different guises, has been around for thousands of years. Each era has been defined by a specific style or shape. Thankfully we’ve moved on from whale-bone corsets and top hats, but nevertheless, fashion is in a constant state of flux. and I couldn’t care less.

custom patches

My style is very simple but ‘standout’ in it’s vibe. Old school skater turned yoga teacher who turned jiu jitsu athlete who never got told to stop drawing.

I make things with supreme quality in design first, comfort fit second and my art third. There is no point having a custom rash guard designed with art as the main priority when you let the quality slip. My stitching is just as important as how black I get my jet black material. If you are an artist you understand the importance of getting bold crisp colours when you need them. Thats why my custom spats are sublimated, my custom rash guards are sublimated and even my shorts get sublimated. I don’t want my quality in comfort fit over shadow the artwork, I want them to compliment each other, to such a degree that I still improve on every element of manufacturing I can.

Technology permeates into almost every aspect of our life and the clothes we put on our back are no exception.

Every stage of the supply chain has gone under a transformation.

My brand is bringing an entirely new meaning to the word quality; from my draw stings on my spats to the flexi stretch section in my shorts to the content I create on my social media, everything my brand does is getting better and better.

My brand and my content creation is examples of when technology and fashion have merged to excite and delight the consumer.

2019 is going to be very interesting.


Social media content creation

Social media does not come easy. Developing your brand, communicating the value’s and creating content thats worth sharing is a challenge, and it’s a daily one.

But remember this, it’s free. It’s a gate way to free stuff, if you are an athlete.

It’s a gateway to growing an audience, a tribe.

It’s the people that make your brand, your company,

Grappling science media is here to help. You need to know your audience, their likes and behaviours. Understand what they want. Avoid being just another company. Reach out, be honest, be genuine and stay in your lane.

2019 will be the launch of grappling science media. Big things are here and they are getting bigger.

Master Camacho Taekwondo & Jiu-Jitsu

Do you like content in patches?

martial art patches

Another hand picked patch i’ve made in 2018 was for Sergio Daniel Camacho, i’ve loved the design so much Master Camacho Taekwondo & Jiu-Jitsu deserves another shout out. Such a simple design, bold colours and sharp font. It just works! so i’ve made it into a short animation found on grappling science facebook and grapplingscience instagram or linkdin

Find more information about the club on facebook


Custom patches come in all shapes and sizes and i’m very grateful because it means I can get a rectangle patch covering the horizontal tear at the bottom of my gi pants. Custom bjj patches are normally Circle patches which is great for the back of your gi or the breast of the lapel of your gi. Everyone in my gym has roughly 4 gi’s each and all of us know that the bottom of the gi pants is typically the area where we start to watch our gi die a slow death. Your top part of your gi has got years left in it, the bottom of your gi’s are like levi shredded blue soho jeans, they look knackered! Rather than throw them in the bin, let me make a custom patch for you. I can make a long rectangle patch to cover the bottom front panel of the bottom part of the gi’s. If i like your design i’ll make a quick animation video and give your club a shout out!

Custom Patches in three easy steps!

getting custom patches for your gi should be a quick and fun process. The quicker I can get started the quicker you get custom factory fresh patches to your door. Simply drop me an email to grapplingscience@mail.com with your patch design ideas and any relevant artwork or pictures. Second a digital proof which you approve before ordering. Last, after approval, use the proof to create your patches then factory fresh to your door.

custom patches

Here you see sublimation patches for brazilian jiu jitsu gi’s. Sublimation allows for sharp vibrant colours at high detail. All size patches available.

Custom embroidered patches provides a high-quality look without the high cost. In addition, you get the flexibility of adding your customized design to any article of clothing regardless of size, shape, or fabric. Plus, Three Step order process makes it a breeze for you to get your custom patches.

20638167_1836041473391793_591226539598943418_n (1).jpg

I will analyze all aspects of the graphic and make suggestions for improvements if need be to provide you with the absolute best patch possible. The proof is literally in the pictures when you compare patches.
Your patch defines your martial art club or your brand.
My process makes it simple. Presentation only comes second to customer service.

Use your free social media

Is there anything to learn from me at getting better with social media?

If we assume Awareness + trust can be created by social media, we really need to just ask how important is it for potential customers to be aware of us and trust us?

This might sound simple but it’s all about the small details.

Let’s look at my service: ‘CUSTOM CLOTHING’

I live by my customer service but the question is how do people find out about my amazing service?

I believe that the two biggest challenges can be broke down easily:

1, Awareness – you need to know of my company

So I’m building my business on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest and my blog. All written, with really inadequate spelling, by my hand. When you message me on any of these platforms I guarantee it’s me you speak with directly not my team or an assistant. When you ask a question you will get a direct answer.

Why so many different platforms?

I believe I should go where you like to hang out and create content that attracts your attention and gives value. The more value I give, the more you will spread the word about my service. There is no better advertisement in the world than a recommendation from someone you know!

2, Trust- You can be aware of my company but without trust there is no business. Trust can be built in many different ways. Knowing that I am on Instagram, Facebook etc. every single day, without fail, 365 days a year and have been for the last 2 years is how I build trust in my community. Making sure I deliver on every promise that builds trust. Golden tip, when things go wrong, which they always do when you work with thousands of customers, treat every person with a gold service. Go out of your way to make their experience as best for them as you can. I personally feel down when someone doesn’t get my best service, so much so, it’s personal for me and I want to make it the best experience for them as I can. That’s because how people see my service is the biggest priority for me bar none. No matter how big a company gets whether you are a team of one or team of 20 priorites stay the same.

No one expects everything to go perfect every time but you can expect to have exceptional service when you need it.

2, Trust- You can be aware of my company but without trust there is no business. Trust can be built in many different ways. Knowing that I am on Instagram, Facebook etc. every single day, without fail, 365 days a year and have been for the last 2 years is how I build trust in my community. Making sure I deliver on every promise that builds trust. Golden tip, when things go wrong, which they always do when you work with thousands of customers, treat every person with a gold service. Go out of your way to make their experience as best for them as you can. I personally feel down when someone doesn’t get my best service, so much so, it’s personal for me and I want to make it the best experience for them as I can. That’s because how people see my service is the biggest priority for me bar none. No matter how big a company gets whether you are a team of one or team of 20 priorites stay the same.

No one expects everything to go perfect every time but you can expect to have exceptional service when you need it.