Finally, genuinely bad ass grappling shorts maded with grappling in mind.

Grappling shorts

Octo Fight shorts!

This is my design hand drawn by me, all my art is

no where else!

You can't get these anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!

They said it couldn't be done (no one said that)
They said shorts can't be that amazing (no one's said that either)

I want your designs on my mid thigh lengths shorts (been said once :)

Triple velcro, reinforced draw strings that divert the stress via reinforced hooks.

I spent a few months going through all my fight shorts and you know what, they all ripped in the same area. This design stops that. More to come on the design tech but...

today we celebrate the release of the pre order Shorts, any size and colour anything you want. I'll send kfc with it if you order. 
est 3-5 weeks
£35 free uk delivery
$52 plus $12 shipping

These are not for you! or are they? 

grappling science 'tao' green spats

My Latest spats!!! Tag the monster that would wear these!!!! you can't just buy these, you don't just wear these spats, you OWN these spats!

Longer draw strings +thicker material +better sizing +huge stretch at waist

better water wickering + reinforced stitching + comfort fit + built to last
I don't just make the best art, I make the best design tech' because:

you can't see through these spats
longer lasting at the knees
4-6 inch available room in the waist
stretch at the ankles and wrist
delivered to your door straight from the factory #fresh

Longer draw strings +thicker material +better sizing +huge stretch at waist

better water wickering + reinforced stitching + comfort fit + built to last

To help for your next fight or comp I'll make sure these spats stay available with your own club logo, sponsors or chosen design. Even this design can include your own art work. I do all my own artwork and you can know you can't get this art anywhere else in the world. 

worldwide shipping
Available pre order if anyone dares!

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lime green shins.jpg

Tag team Jiu Jitsu

Do yourself a favour and watch the TAG Team event, novelty 10/ pace of the match 100- so many legit matches here, just pure entertainment.

Gi in a cage, No gi in a cage, tag team grappling in a cage

3PM Starts Submission Underground 2 LIVE Roseland Theater Day 2

Chael Sonnen's Submission Underground 7 returns to the Roseland Theater in Portland Oregon for an exciting afternoon of submission grappling.


Multiple-time ADCC medalist and champion, Jeff Monson, faces off against long-time veteran, Fabiano Scherner.

TUF: Redemption winner Jesse Taylor, will compete against Ben Egli, who comes in with a wealth of MMA experience under his own belt.

Gustavo Pires and Carlos Sievert are set for a gi match, while Joe Baize faces off against Mike Dewitt.

* Also featured is an 8-man brown belt tournament.

To wear or not to wear that is not a real question...

dirty strangler spat media art.jpg



know anyone who would dare walk into the gym with these on??


at least wearing them you know one thing, that you told me what you wanted and I listened.


you can't see through these spats

longer lasting at the knees

4-6 inch available room in the waist

stretch at the ankles and wrist to allowance

delivered to your door straight from the factory #fresh


Longer draw strings +thicker material +better sizing +huge stretch at waist


better water wickering + reinforced stitching + comfort fit + built to last


To help for your next fight or comp I'll make sure these spats stay available with your own club logo, sponsors or chosen design. Even this design can include your own art work.


worldwide shipping

Available pre order if anyone dares!


illustrator design in the first phase for the dirty strangler.jpg




Bold Fresh Crisp Jiu Jitsu designs only available at


on my website you can see my in store collection. All others are available custom, made to order. est: 3-5 weeks depending, pm for any questions. These spats are available pre order only. Thank you.

grapplingscience patches

Panda King don't care what you think!

master spat media jpeg.jpg

***pre order Panda King spats**
the most bad ass spats in the world!!! ever!!!!!

3-5 weeks $43 (£30) plus $17 (£12 or free uk) delivery any size available
worldwide shipping

email me your size at

My spats are
SQUAT PROOF from sambo to olympic lifting

DRAW STINGS not an inch of material getting lost in the washing machine

VERY THICK non see through, last longer perfect for No Gi

Cup space can be added for box saftey gear. If not requested your spats will be normal cut and comfort fit.

the waist line can stretch many inches to allow for shorter stocky builds, if that makes sense. Message any questions you have to me here or at Always remember, I accept crypto lets talk about a fair exchange :) discount for crypto too


Bold Fresh Crisp Jiu Jitsu designs

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Fr3ak Show rash guard!!!

THE FR3AK SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

freak jits front.jpg


I designed a rash guard. I loved the design. Loved designing this. On it's way to my customer. I do the art, my factory does the making you do the wearing. I do need to get better at photography, lets be honest :) Now if you are interested, please note it can take a few weeks, it will cost around £45 (and yes that includes me designed the art for you if you choose) and free UK delivery. My rash guards might not be for you, they are thicker than normal. Same with my spats, they are made to be versatile, no wearing at the knees, no dodgy stitching coming loose. High premium thick jiu jitsu gear.

designing is something I love. There are rash guards in stock for you to get delivered next day if you choose right  ... here.... 

I might take the theme and run with a collection all around the freak show. 

freak jits full back.jpg


Connor Macgregor says he's looking for the next challenge!

Connor Mcgregor is famous for announcing that he is always looking for the next big challenge. As if beating MMA world Champion Jose Aldo was not enough? he had to do the unthinkable and fight Floyd Money May weather at his own game. Mcgregor has admitted that one on one fights in MMA just don't satisfy his need for true glory. Connor has admitted the boxing match 'scratched an itch' for the notorious Connor Mcgregor. He has considered fighting the actual cage itself, but in the heat of the moment forgot the game plan and instead slapped a Bellator referee in the face; but now he has decided and announced officially the new Mcgregor fight plan; he will only fight large groups of UFC fighters, all on a bus, with only random industrial equipment. He says that in his next fight, he is considering on asking Artem to try the bus doors but all that will be strategically designed in the next camp.  



below is a snap shot of the champ when he first seen the bus door, (as shown below)





for some real time footage of this number one bullshit click here


for a real gangsters Nick Diaz response click here

to date Connor Mcgregor has only two official ufc loses on his record

1, nate diaz 

2, Bus door

Best of luck champ!


Which crypto currency is a reliable investment?

I am quite big on cardano ada, telcoin, qash pac coin and also i'm very big on Tron (TRX)

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Now it’s Possible to buy Tron (TRX) Through an ATM Machine

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Why should I care about Coinflip? simply put, Coinflip offers its services in no less than 57 different locations in the USA offering to purchase any of the named chosen cryptocurrencies Further more, to cash out Litecoin at its two-way models.

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I'm behind Tron, it's breaking into the entertainment industry. I'm very interested in where Tron can go, this year is a big year. 

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Everything I have I will exchange for crypto, almost any kind ...


Tron, that crypto currency bubble that's been here since 2009 ..

All my clothing range is available for crypto currency. All my custom work is available for crypto. Anything I have and you want you can have in exchange for crypto. This making sense yet?

time sensative.jpg


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The Panda King Rashguard

The king sits heavy on his throne ... inspired by the original Conan the Barbarian with some pretty unknown actor. CROM wants you to have this rashguard but will you accept?

As a thank you to everyone who has came from the old facebook page to the new. Rashguards £35 are £25 between now and Sunday midnight. Just message which design and which size you would like oh, and free UK delivery for YOU.

On the website you will always be able to check out my instagram live feed, all my designs from pencil and paper to garments in a shop; you can see the whole process. Custom clothes, you can choose from over 30 grappling designs to have on either a hoody, Tee, rashguard, spats, long shorts, singlets and more.

Oh, and if thats not enough - to say thank you to the few still reading, I will give a bigger discount to #crypto any token or coin considered.and a further £5 off the tops. Happy hunting! 
Instagram @grapplingscience

I draw!

New designs every day. I try to keep my hand in designing as much as possible. I love making people factory fresh spats or a rash guard but making it.. the designing of it always by far the most fun part. This design is not for resale, it's actually quite like an old school cartoon or two? lets see what age everyone is?



Did you know I accept crypto currencies? 

any currency is up for discussion, just message me and we will arrange a discount for you. I'm a big fan of tron, pac coin, telcoin and cardano. 

'' If you're too lazy or too busy to sit down and read the Cardano white paper, give the Audio Paper a listen. We convert the white paper to an audiobook format for easy researching'' 


what is cadano ad? 

This is one of the best examples of #animalart that I have on my website. With the popularity of my Octopus range, I'm very much buying into the chance to launch a new line of spats this year. Even the rashguard looks amazing with this design (keeping in mind, this is available with your own club logo - sponsors or chosen design).

My spats are
SQUAT PROOF from sambo to olympic lifting
DRAW STINGS not just an inch of material getting lost in the washing machine
VERY THICK non see through, last longer perfect for No Gi.

If you like #octopus or simply understated high quality gear at great prices i'll be over here creating some of the most bad ass jiu jitsu art on the planet. Whether you like it or not! Im not looking for perfection i'm looking for progress.

Grapple demons into deep waters.

Bold Fresh Crisp Jiu Jitsu designs



built slightly stronger to endure tougher rolling.

Medium weight stretchy fabric moves with you, offering compression fit for a locked-in feel.
Flat seams move smoothly against your skin
Ergonomic seams and stretch insets for wide range of motion

At Grappling science, I believe all our rash guards (managed by our very own sports scientist) can out perform other grappling gear. Time and care has been spent over the composition, thickness, feel, warm up beneficial properties via enhanced compression and more. Grappling Science rashguards are unique in every way.


To see the designs being created from hand draw to finished article please vist our art page

My new facebook page!!!

My instagram and facebook are quite different. The instagram is all about the video's training and my custom products. My facebook page is more about sharing the communities achievements, some hand drawn stuff but also, on both platforms I regularly run different competitions. So, if you like free gear, rash guards and spats. Click follow :)


oh and here is my new profile banner for facebook, message me let me know what you think , thanks.



grappling science rash guard

Hip Hop Orcs


'Bright' Film review .. kind of..


TLDR: I loved it!


Remember Alien Nation? no? few can but it was epic. Thats why I was interested in seeing 'Bright'. Orcs, Elves, trip hop and bad ass effects bringing a future alien world to life.


Action-thriller directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad, End of Watch, writer of Training Day) and when you watch this movie you can see all the usual signature style sign posts: 3 second skips, edgy fresh music, dark 'arty' scenes.



Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves, and fairies have been co-existing since the beginning of time. Bright is genre-bending action movie that follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine patrol night and encounter a darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it.


Is this a master piece I would put equal to say 'Synedock New York, The Prophet, and Nil by mouth? no. But there are some sick scenes blended skillfully with the right music in ways that surprise you and make it easy to love this one. This is a great sci fi with story's of old speaking to the heart through a story that is relevant today. And there are hip hop orc Thugs.


less Till dusk till Dawn and more Blade

less Gran Turino and more Training day

less 'The lion the witch and the wardrobe' and more 'Dark City'.

less 'Fantastic 4' and more 'Watchmen'.


This could turn into a Netfilx Series today. The movie would be the jewel in the crown.


attention grabbing: 8/10

Acting: 7.5/10

Character development: 3/10

Overall heat: a biased unfair mathematically incorrect but don't care inflated 7/10

Combat Jiu Jiu Jitsu and Professional Cage fighter 'Brooke Mayo' *quick chat*

Big thank you to Fighter Brooke Mayo for being kind enough to do a quick interview. As usual contact details for Brooke at the bottom and I will ensure all hyperlinks take you to one of brooke's social media channels. 

If you are fan of Brooke, fan of combat jiu jitsu or a fight fan Brooke never fails to bring hell on every occasion. Great interview

If you think you don't know Brooke, read on.....


What is your background, who do you train with and how did you get invited to the Combat Jiu Jitsu tournament?

I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since August of 2013. I started training in the gi under Ralph Gracie and  Kurt Osiander. I had my first amateur MMA fight before I had ever competed in grappling in July 2014. I currently train with team Alpha Male in Sacramento. I train with a lot of great professional fighters such Sara Mcmann and Cynthia Calvillo. I got into MMA because I was always a fan. I loved watching fights with my dad in high school. I played soccer my whole life but ended up having to end my college career early because I suffered a serious injury. I began training Jiu Jitsu and immediately felt confident enough to fight. I think training Combat Jiu Jitsu helped my MMA training. Having to think about utilizing striking on the ground helped me to improve my ground and pound. I come from a traditional gi Jiu Jitsu background so I get stuck in submission mode and I forget that I can be more aggressive and brutal when I'm doing no gi and gi Jiu Jitsu. Combat Jiu Jitsu helped me to flip the switch and really rain down  strikes on my opponents on the ground. My goal was to get a tko or ko but I came up short. I would love to do more CJJ for sure though. Eddie Bravo messaged me and asked me if I was interested in competing and I immediately responded yes.


2. Being honest, was it hard just slapping rather than raining down blows? I think at one point I seen your hands clenched? 

It was a little bit tough not being able to punch but I guess my friends say whenever I'm heated I clench my fists when Im getting heated


3. Did you consider sliding a DM to bas Ruten for tips on palm strikes?

Hell yes I did! I actually do admit I watched a bas ruten tutorial before I competed. It definitely helped out 


4. Did Eddie Bravo talk to you about flat earth?

I didn't have a chance to talk to him about that. 😂


5. What is it like walking out for the first time on a bellator event?

It was definitely electrifying. I loved the energy but I definitely felt it. I was pretty nervous going out there in front of that many people. I didn't think I was going to be though. I'm really happy I had that experience 


6. Was there a walk out song of your choice?

I walked out to sister Nancy bam bam. I usually walk out to reggae.


7. What advice would you give to people that aspire to make it to the big events? 

People are going to try to tell you how to fight or how to portray yourself but it's important to know yourself as a fighter and as a person. You should always be looking to improve and listen to constructive criticism  in order to grow, but do not lose sight of your identity. 


8. What injuries have you had over the years training? 

First injury I had a 280 pound purple belt broke my right ulna with an arm drag. That was a shock to me. I had only been training Jiu Jitsu for 3 months. I've had disc issues in my back, one broken nose, one dislocated limb, and one broken finger. 



9. Was there a point you thought about quitting? 

I only considered quitting for a split second right after my last Bellator loss. I wanted to finish the fight with all my heart but I wasn't able to get the finish. I thought I won and I was devastated when the decision was read. I broke down. I said I'm terrible and I don't know if I should do this anymore. Luckily, Sara Mcmann was there and reminded me why I was fighting. She gave me the best post fight talk I've ever had. It's not about the results. Yes, I want to win with all my heart and losses are devastating to me, but even if I lost every fight and every match it would not change how I feel about MMA and Jiu Jitsu. I'm still just as passionate about martial arts as I've ever been. I will keep working hard, move forward, and embrace the highs and the lows. I know this is only the beginning and I'll continue to grow and improve.


10. How can people contact you? at EBI COMBAT JIU JITSU 



With so many endangering 'self defence' video's out, we need more of this. Brooke Mayo at a Self defense seminar @ufultimatefitness. 


bmayo1313#throwback to the Jiu Jitsu By the Bay no gi open weight finals.

On episode 273 of the #AskGaryVee Show, the legendary boxer, commentator, and rapper, Roy Jones Jr


@Garyvee you should give this a listen, I loved it, for those not able to view-  here's an overview:

''is in the building and we talk about: - How Roy got into boxing and turned it into his career as one of the best boxers in history - Getting robbed of a gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, South Korea and how that helped Roy boost his boxing career to the next level - Roy's new training/fitness app, Star Vizn and how it allows him to tap into the social media world - Roy's cross over into hip hop/rap and how boxing paved the path for him to hack culture - Roy's transition into becoming a boxing commentator #QOTD: How many of you guys are going to participate in Star Vizn, Roy's training app, and learn Roy's style of boxing? #QUESTIONS: 32:25 - Roy, what is your prized possession? What is the one thing that makes you say "screw the money, screw everything else, this is the one thing"? 35:02 - Roy, is it true that you were going to fight Buster Douglas? 41:07 - I started a sports marketing company that focused on getting MMA fighters sponsorships and endorsements. It started doing really well, but then I ended up losing all of my money and savings because I was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer, which resulted in me losing my eye. I'm now trying to build a YouTube channel and am looking for some tips, what would you recommend I do? Also, because I've faced a huge financial and emotional loss with my eye, does it inspire you, Roy, as an athlete to see a fan face a huge loss and comeback stronger as much as it inspires a fan of you to see you take a huge loss and comeback stronger? Check out Roy's new training app Star Vizn here: Go show Roy and his team some love: Did you know that science has proven that Roy Jones Jr. is the best boxer in history?: — ► Check out my main YouTube channel here: ► Find #AskGaryVee here: — Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital agency servicing Fortune 500 clients across the company’s 5 locations. Gary is also a prolific public speaker, venture capitalist, 4-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and has been named to both Crain’s and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 lists. Gary is the host of the #AskGaryVee Show, a business and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast, as well as DailyVee, a docu-series highlighting what it’s like to be a CEO, investor, speaker, and public figure in today’s digital age. Make sure to stay tuned for Gary’s latest project Planet of the Apps, Apple’s very first video series, where Gary is a judge alongside Will.I.Am, Jessica Alba, and Gwyneth Paltrow. — Follow me online here: Main YouTube: Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: Website: Soundcloud: Twitter: Medium: Planet of the Apps: Podcast: Wine Library:

Just another happy customer


Big thankyou to @gjroy15
I got the opportunity to produce a custom rashguard for him. If you like his design, go to his instagram and check out his channel.

Custom rashguards to your design. Or blend it with one of my pre made templates
Original art and factory fresh


consider all the different artwork you can now choose. Include your own club logo, name or sponsor too!!! 

No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Super star Garry Tonon talks to ariel helwani on the MMA Hour!

No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Super star Garry Tonon versus .... ariel helwani on the MMA Hour!

Garry Tonon talks about the roots of his jiu jitsu, where it all started. The reasons why he went the root of Jiu jitsu after wrestling. MMA discussions quickly turn talks to his MMA debut, plans for jiu jitsu in 2018, and even discusses building a brand around the answers to a questionaire on Eddie Bravo Invitational. 

''I started out getting promoted by some other brands, back then my sponsor was On the mat...''



Ariel: '' People say it's very difficult to make money in jiu jitsu, have you found that?


Garry Tonon: ''I definitely think I have been on the better end of it''



Garry on 'Entertaining Jiu Jitsu'

''First of all I don't believe everyone is capable of producing entertaining jiu jiutsu, no matter what rule set you put them in''

Brendan Schaub vs Cyborg Abreu Metamoris


''For professional Jiu Jitsu I think what @polaris is doing is best''


Garry Tonon on Dillion Danis

Garry: ''I think he will do better in MMA than he has in grappling''


Garry Tonon on a dream fight

''it's hard to say, I would imagine by the time I get to the peak of the sport, I'm not calling someone out... I don't comment to much.... it's not my place... when I get to that point. ''

Ariel: ''does this mean you are going to be doing less Jiu Jitsu in 2018? 

Garry: ''Absolutely''

Garry on his go to garbage (guily treat)

''Five guys, McChicken sandwich''