what do you need for a comp?

The same you do to go training. You need your clothes right? well since each comp is diff' facebook, email them etc find out if there are any restrictions. Believe it or not, there is more red tape at IBJJF than say.. your local comp.. your ADCC... your submission only tourny's etc.

At ibjjf here are some things they don't tell you.

My last visit to an IBJJF competition was last year, 2016, at the London open, crystal palace for the winter comp. there is an area for warming up, there is an area to wait when you are called and there is an area for you to weigh yourself before official weigh in.

so, forty minutes before your fight you need to approach the bench, hand them your ID, your IBJJF I.D. (wait did I not say you had to register with them, pay them, get your proff to fill out a form and wait for your ID to arrive?) then stand in a bull pen with at least 20 other competitiors. Just waiting, for forty minutes. Then, they will measure your gi, at the wrists and arms to make sure they are roughly four fingers width of room. Then you weigh in, then finally you start at the edge of the mats and wait to be called up and win your gold.

after clothes you want food and water. Something light, something you can graze on, so protein shake is always the option for me. Especially if I am on weight. Weight is your major hurdle and very few places will let you continue if you miss weight. I won't go into detail too much about food and water, it's pretty simple. Keep it basic, you have enough on your plate :)

Please please please read the rules. Even if it's not your first tournament. Just. Read. The. Rules. you don't want to be shouting ' what? you can't even kneeebaaaaah ????

If there is a comp meeting go to it. If it's IBJJF, maybe not because there will be another charge for that.

Now, if you go to say... ADCC uk, you will get a rules meeting in the morning before the comp starts. It's the best way if you ask me, it's a sign that the comp comes second to peoples well being and safety. I myself have been at the rules meetings and watched ref's contradict the rules almost immediately, so be aware mistakes can be made on both sides of the fence. When you are the ref, it's a long day, you can't catch everything and everyone wants a reply.

Warm up. Really, I suggest you break a sweat. Here is why, there is a thing in sport science called oxygen debt. It occurs immediately when physical effort starts. You may have noticed it when you roll, you gas on the first and catch your second wind after. Try to warm up a good 30 minutes before, and stay mobile, some people bring track suits etc to wear whilst waiting for the next match.

Lastly, watch your stuff, your bag etc. Back in the day people would steal belts, and anything else. It's less so now but still happens. So, be safe!