it does not matter whether you are the customer or the seller. 2 things matter.

Awareness and trust.

Let me say that again; Awareness.... and .... trust

without both these requirements being met, neither customer nor seller will meet.

If you are a new brand or an existing brand, even if it is in the brazilian jiu jitsu industry or martial art industry you need to make people AWARE of your company.



there are two schools of thought surrounding the best way to create Awareness.

The old school, archaic and yet very popular way is to take your money and buy ads; hoping you make enough from the ads to justify the cost and pay for more ads. That is a system that has been in place, is in place and will be here for some time. however, a second school of thought is that this way is slowly becoming pointless.

If you follow marketing leaders like Seth Godin, you will quickly see the difference and reasons behind it. Seth talks more about creating something worthwhile to talk about. Like a product you would tell your friends about. Immediately you can see the divide.

One tactic is to force your product and the second is to design a product that will advertise by the customers. Two very very different approaches. I prefer the latter.




just because someone is aware of your brand does not mean they will buy. One of the biggest hurdles to business is trust. So, you may be wondering... how do I build trust? sometimes it's simple. have a real face on the website. have someone you can see, have a story behind your brand. Without the trust you are not going to secure that sale.


if you explore these two components you will get moving faster with greater success. let me know how you get on. PS I will be making a video interview for my website. The video will detail why grappling science is different from other brands.