Going for my regular, definitely not a problem amount of syrup, coffee and the place I go to I chose to go for convenience more than anything. But I knew the owner would try to make small talk with me and normally it's quite awkward. Normally I clam up in these situations. Not on this occasion; he asked me the usual ''you not working today'' - instead of saying '' not today, thankfully'' I said yes I am, I work everyday i'm sure you know how that feels. He then asked me what I do... and from that.... It finished with him asking me to bring in one or two tops to buy (for him on the golf course) nothing to do with martial arts or jiu jitsu. He bought it because he liked me, even though he didn't need one of my products. I even recommended sports direct, for a very basic compression top, but he insisted. It just shows me, people really do buy people. It reminds me a lot about Seth Godin. He talks about connection, tribe, trust, community, service, he denounces the archaic paradigm of - create a false sense of urgency in your customer, take money and spend on advertising - rinse and repeat. That mentality is one all obsessed people can relate too. Not just grapplers but all martial artists - boxers sambo judo are all arts where the obsessed live. The concept that hard work wins over talent is one we all know but, the idea that we focus less on the model and more on the traits like: trust, connection and remarkable. Is one i'm slowly becoming obsessed with.