• From my instagram account@grapplingscience I get a chance to work with different atheletes from all around the wolrd. I often give discounts in return for training picture's or video's. This time, I want to give a big thank you to @johanna_w_h who was kind enough to model the rash guard 'Panda King' and the results were very professional indeed! I love the pictures so much I thought they deserved more views. @johanna_w_h explains the pictures were made possible by photographer @mandel_photos for more photography see below, for johanna's instagram account please check her out here: @johanna_w_h 
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Panda king rashguard :
White clouds rolling over the shoulder. Artwork by myself. Panda king sits heavy on his throne as the panda king thinks fondly of wars past.

The inspiration for this was born from a love of old school Conan. 

some cool facts about the movie

  • Charles Bronson, Sylvester Stallone, and William Smith were considered for the lead role.
  • At one point Conan had to throw a torch into the palace's central window/balcony. Schwarzenegger missed on the first attempt, but they weren't able to do a retake as the set burned to the ground.
  • Schwarzenegger said that during the crucifixion scene, they used a live vulture to peck at his wounds. Then for the close up they used a real dead vulture they found for him to actually bite into its throat. After they cut, they immediately had Arnold rinse his mouth out to avoid disease.
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some quick details on the rashguard:
Made to fit
Wick technologies
Premuim Polyester/Elastane
Long sleeve Flat lock Stitched
Thicker for more sustainability

flat lock stitching on the panda king rashguard.jpg

Panda King 



what some people say about the panda king rashguard:

“Hey, man. Got the rashie in the mail yesterday. It looks GREAT and fits perfectly. AND I won the monthly “King of the Mat” at my gym, so I guess it brought me good mojo!”

— R/BJJ redditor: FaustusRedux


“I just got the panda king in the mail and I really like it. Good, high quality rash guard, and thicker (which I like).”

— R/BJJ Redditor: BJJ2015


a remark I get most constant and welcomed, ''your rashguard is a little thicker than most''. I want it so you know this, to expect it. Because if you don't like the slightly thicker style you would be disappointed. But to be honest, I've not had anyone not like the quality and design of the Panda king rashguard yet!!! i'm proud to say