No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Super star Garry Tonon versus .... ariel helwani on the MMA Hour!

Garry Tonon talks about the roots of his jiu jitsu, where it all started. The reasons why he went the root of Jiu jitsu after wrestling. MMA discussions quickly turn talks to his MMA debut, plans for jiu jitsu in 2018, and even discusses building a brand around the answers to a questionaire on Eddie Bravo Invitational. 

''I started out getting promoted by some other brands, back then my sponsor was On the mat...''



Ariel: '' People say it's very difficult to make money in jiu jitsu, have you found that?


Garry Tonon: ''I definitely think I have been on the better end of it''



Garry on 'Entertaining Jiu Jitsu'

''First of all I don't believe everyone is capable of producing entertaining jiu jiutsu, no matter what rule set you put them in''

Brendan Schaub vs Cyborg Abreu Metamoris


''For professional Jiu Jitsu I think what @polaris is doing is best''


Garry Tonon on Dillion Danis

Garry: ''I think he will do better in MMA than he has in grappling''


Garry Tonon on a dream fight

''it's hard to say, I would imagine by the time I get to the peak of the sport, I'm not calling someone out... I don't comment to much.... it's not my place... when I get to that point. ''

Ariel: ''does this mean you are going to be doing less Jiu Jitsu in 2018? 

Garry: ''Absolutely''

Garry on his go to garbage (guily treat)

''Five guys, McChicken sandwich''