If you are wanting your business to succeed, don't ask what may be in store for you. You should be saying ... what do we have in store for 2017. You create your environment, you create your success you create your future. At least, that is my view on 2017. The door is open, the room is vacant, its yours.. 2017 is yours to do with as you please.

For me, it's all about awareness and trust. I am going out to meet as many grappling enthusiasts as I can. I want to be available to film matches for people. To take pictures as a reminder of thier first competition. I want to offer something worthwhile for the community, make connections, to do something worthy of talking about. I want the brand, the company to grow and grow organically. All our tops are designed with sport science in mind, with new fresh orginal art at the heart of the grappling gear. Now, we need to let people know, know how proud I am of the company, know how invested I am in the company, to understand this grass roots company cares and wants to grow the sport. Genuinely and in a timely fashion.

We are starting of with Scottish Grappling on Sunday the 19th of February. I will be there with my stall selling all kinds of original and cool stuff but more importantly I will be there to film matches. Your matches, for free; simply contact me on the day for my details or go to my facebook page or even my youtube channel. I will try to have all the BJJ Matches uploaded by the end of the weekend. If you want your match filmed then just come over and ask, that's it. You will see me, bald, big red hoody, grappling science logo on the back and .. i'll have my dlsr with me.

For those unfamiliar with Scottish Grappling, let me fill you in. I have been to the big ibjjf events, the UK adcc, and similar events in the same location as the Scottish grappling. I can honestly say scottish grappling is one of the best events. Genuinely. The last one had the standard format, ran excellently, very little wait times very little confusion and everyone was catered for. More than that... there was a sub only no gi tournament with a cash prize. The crowd was silent. Round of applauses, flying heelhooks and cash. Well, no flying heel hooks but it can't be perfect, right?