We are all aware that sometimes we know the name of a move but can't visualise how it works. 

Sometimes we get to a point where people expect us to know how to execute a move, the teaching points, entries and subs that are available from it. So lets keep it basic and use sources that have covered it correctly. 

Berimbolo is the name given by Andre Galvao

You don't have to  use berimbolo to be a great grappler BUT you do need to know how to deal with it. Don't avoid it, learn it, so you don't need to deal with it later.

In my opinion ( Link to video here = Stephan kesting has the best entry level understanding of how to perform Berimbolo correctly.

when Roger Gracie was asked about the changes in BJJ he talks about how it continues to grow, new techniques and new ways to move your body. ''every person is different, people move different, they are always creating new styles. You have to be a professional athlete to become a world champion. People now, they doing weight training, more and more specific training, they are a lot more complete today, they have to be good standing up, guard, passing''.

When asked about his simple style and new techniques like berimbolo, do you think it is important to learn these things? 

''The more you know the better fighter you are.'' 

''You have to know everything to defend''


Do you teach Berimbolo

''Yeah, I do, I think it's important for people to know, when I teach something I never say this is the way, never, each person is different, move in a different way. ''


here is the interview here from BJJ hacks TV Youtube channel

I hope this helps understand what Berimbolo is, how to start the learning process and an insight to what the best in the world think about the new techniques. 


Now go out and Berimbolo everyone!