The Freak show

Gabi Garcia  has thrown her hat in the (totally random outcome) world of fighting...again. But let's just look at the evidence to validate my claim of a 'freak show' of a MMA career. I'll keep this brief. 

Gabi Garcia, (94/207 Kilo's and pounds respectively) (world and absolute worlds, Pan American, BNA, World No Gi, World Jiu Jitsu Pro Cup, ADCC and European championship) fought 49 year, 72 kilo 'MMA' fighter and retired professional wrestler at Saitama Super Arena in Japan in .... 41 seconds by .. KO ... 

Yumiko Hotta was a retired 50'ish year old professional wrestler who should not have been allowed to fight Gabi. Gabi should not have taken the fight. Let's be honest. Even then Gabi's KO could have just as easily have been, and without any level of threat, a take-down to grappling town and win via submission.  The knockout was harsh to say the least, then to consider  at mid way through the fight Yumiko gets a knee to the face, turns to flee,  looks to the ref with a very 'shocked' expression (almost as if she was not expecting a real fight). This happens right after Yumiko starts the fight by running off 3 sides of the ropes... just like a pro wrestler ... oh and still dressed like a pro wrestler... 


then look at this video, you can see how one of the fighters may have been expecting something else other than a standard real fight 



Gabi Garcia, presently, in the prime of her life who is now 4-0 accomplished fighter, has another match coming up soon but If you want to see Yumiko Hotta in her prime you need to go back to around 1995 in a pro wrestling match with Margot Neyhoft.

Yumiko Hotta versus Margot Neyhoft



Gabi Garcia is now cementing her legacy into the hall of MMA fame , and this time it's at Shoot Boxing Girls S Cup, Russian Boxer Oksana Gagloeva (an upcoming RIZIN event expected July 30th.) Gabi has a real fight on her hands. More than that, this could be a fight the for the first time in her MMA career she might get the opportunity to show how hard she fights when she's not winning.   

Gagloeva Oksana: Country- Russia Age: 23 Height -177cm Weight - 100kg

2(x) Russian Champion in boxing 4(x) Greece Champion in boxing 3(x) Grappling Champion 2(x) Russian Champion in Armwrestling

Training at the Gladiator Fighting Team. Gagloeva also is a teammate of Garcia’s second MMA opponent, Anna Maliukova.


Here Oksana is here grappling, looking very very good!


This could be the redemption fight for Gabi's MMA image.

I know one thing... I'm tuning in to see her fight. Just like I have for every other of her fights. I want Gabi to be respected by not just the jiu jitsu community but also the MMA community too. 

Gagloeva takes on Garcia at RIZIN Fighting World Grand Prix 2017 1st Round on July 30th, live from the Saitama Super Arena. This card will be headlined by former UFC title challenger Kyoji Horiguchi and Hideo Tokoro


But if you feel like my original title cast an unfair shadow on Gabi Garcia's MMA image... 

Last night Gabi fought this very brave cage fighter MEGUMI YABUSHITA  (45-year-old, 5-foot-2in) stand-up rules fight in short order: Shoot Boxing at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo. Gabi got disqualified.. for kicking her in the face whilst she was down. 



Heres the video. MEGUMI caught 2 kicks whilst down, the second ended the fight in a DQ against Gabi. I can't be the only one that thinks this freak show needs to stop .. am I?