A huge thank you to MMA UK for collaborating on a new rash guard and yes it is an extra large, yes it is free and yes you get to follow MMA UK for a chance to win it. And yes, that really is the Grappling Science ‘Grappling Demons into the Deep’ design on the sleeve and chest! Also, how bad ass is that MMA UK logo?

With each of my collaborations I like to create a mini media packet (sometimes a video, music, my clothing and a ‘x factor’- examples such as yoga, martial arts or even break dancing.) including watermarked pictures made, adding a level of art and professionalism. This encourages more people to like and share the content. Not only will all collaborations get a shout out on the 20-30k @grapplingscience instagram - Below is some examples:

Grappling science rash guard

Mixedmartialartsuk on twitter and facebook with live fighter interviews like Katie Hunter speaks to the new two division weight champion Charlotte McIntyre following her bantamweight title victory at Cage Warriors, Soth East recently. Charlotte was already the CWA South East flyweight champion.

rash guard grappling demons into the deep
Rash guard

If you are an MMA fan and want to follow MMA in the Uk here it is. Help build the community and MMAUK will give you a reason to turn up. If you want to understand how to use social media to boost your followings loyalty or just to execute against, i’m here to show you how to grow your account, every month giving more and more value. Grappling Science the brand that gives. #bjj #mma #mmauk #martialarts #mixedmartialarts #boxing '#gym


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