rash guard

A big thank you to Chris Ahlers the artist @the_tattoo_store (instagram) for the artwork, I think his colours, composition and style is pretty eye catching.

If you want to get your hands on this rare number you need to contact the artist, Chris, and give him your order. I genuinely think everything about The Tattoo Store design is epic! and it's a pleasure to make rash guards by other artists. You really do come across some gems in this business. Check out The Tattoo Store and @subluxtjiujitsu

The composition and subject really reminds me of artwork in elk of Batman/Judge dredd esq feel, very late Tony S Daniel/Jock-


If you want your artwork show cased just drop me an email at grapplingscience@mail.com

With each of my collaborations I really enjoy creating a mini media package, even if it’s just a small collection of cool pictures (sometimes a video with music, my clothing and a ‘x factor’- examples such as yoga routines and martial arts or even break dancing) I think it makes a difference to me and the artist/athlete. I can include watermarked pictures at request, adding a level of art and professionalism to your order. I understand how important social media is and I know we should be working together. The better product and pictures we have encourages more people to like and share the content.

Not only will all collaborations get a shout out on the 20-30k account @grapplingscience instagram - but If you want to understand how to use social media to boost your followings loyalty or just to execute against, i’m here to show you how to grow your account, every month giving more and more value. Grappling Science the brand that gives. #bjj #mma #mmauk #martialarts #mixedmartialarts #boxing '#gym



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rash guard