You know what is amazing about designing your own rash guard? If people like it, they can buy it!

But you need somewhere to make and supply the rash guards, but you don’t want to pay for 100 rash guards and then worry if you can sell the other 99. I got 99 problems but rash guards I can’t sell ain’t one.... sorry I shouldn’t rap, this is serious chat.

Never before could you sell your designs through a Jiu Jitsu website but it’s 2019 people and i’m not going to hold anyone back from being the next biggest designer. Over the years designing clothing it’s become apparent, taste is subjective. If you like your design, chances are someone else will too!

Tip one: Don’t get hung up on wondering if anyone will like your design. You might surprise yourself.

Tip two: Make art you like- not art you hope I will like, make it the way you want it.

Tip three: Reach out and ask questions, all questions are good. Let’s get you answers.

Regardless of what you think

Regardless of what you think of your own artwork, I want you to know that someone ..somewhere ..will fall in love with it and think you are amazing. I want you to know that, believe it and give less monkeys about people’s opinions, don’t look for support just look for opportunity. Social media is free.. IT’S FREE! If you have art work why are you not posting it? Maybe you don’t care, and thats cool. If you genuinely don’t care if no one ever see’s your art I respect that. But if you are like me and you love seeing what the world’s reactions will be to your next design, get posting. Start a new account or post on your own, it doesn’t matter just know one thing.. regardless of how amazing or terrible your art is today nothing bad is going to happen if you start to post on social media.

I want you to care less about your own opinion of how good or bad you think your art is. Just get it posted, be brave, nothing bad is going to happen and you never know where it will take you. Care less Do more that’s GrapplingScience

Tag someone who keeps thinking about doing more on social media, show them this and lets do it together!

You can now sell your art through Grappling Science Media