In August 2006 I officially became the most unlikely, newly qualified, Yoga teacher you could expect to meet. After my year long teaching qualification and meeting some great teachers in Qigong, Biomechanics, NLP and more; I met some pretty cool people from anatomy expert David Keil to the charismatic famous Duncan Wong.   That was over ten years ago now.

I studied Ashtanga Yoga, in Mysore, India. I would practice around 6am every morning, apart from full moon days. Sometimes double sessions. I would take my morning cold shower (bucket and water from the tap you definitely shouldn’t drink) and would make my way to the studio, to the sounds of religious sirens bellowing across the town of Mysore. After months of the primary series I still got nowhere near the full splits. Not even Venkatesh’s body weight would help me get closer

Very few people can achieve the box splits (i’m wondering if anyone here can?) but if you are one of the lucky ones then know I’ve got your back! You can be rest assured, your grappling science shorts won’t rip. But your pants might. But i’m not here to talk about your pants i’m here to talk about how even better my grappling shorts really are! Every single pair all have something important in common. The bottom panel of my shorts have been built with the ‘banana splits’ in mind. Fully flexible bottom panel! It’s nearly 2019 people!

grappling shorts.jpg

After a year or two designing the art for my own clothes I wanted more than just bad ass original artwork on my custom shorts and rash guards, I wanted the build.. the technology .. the thought behind the build to reflect my years of yoga, my years of sport science and grappling coming together to make something great.

Over the years of grappling I noticed some design faults in my Jiu Jitsu clothing. I decided to stop talking and do something about it. Today I bring you Grapplingscience shorts!

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