Fashion, in different guises, has been around for thousands of years. Each era has been defined by a specific style or shape. Thankfully we’ve moved on from whale-bone corsets and top hats, but nevertheless, fashion is in a constant state of flux. and I couldn’t care less.

custom patches

My style is very simple but ‘standout’ in it’s vibe. Old school skater turned yoga teacher who turned jiu jitsu athlete who never got told to stop drawing.

I make things with supreme quality in design first, comfort fit second and my art third. There is no point having a custom rash guard designed with art as the main priority when you let the quality slip. My stitching is just as important as how black I get my jet black material. If you are an artist you understand the importance of getting bold crisp colours when you need them. Thats why my custom spats are sublimated, my custom rash guards are sublimated and even my shorts get sublimated. I don’t want my quality in comfort fit over shadow the artwork, I want them to compliment each other, to such a degree that I still improve on every element of manufacturing I can.

Technology permeates into almost every aspect of our life and the clothes we put on our back are no exception.

Every stage of the supply chain has gone under a transformation.

My brand is bringing an entirely new meaning to the word quality; from my draw stings on my spats to the flexi stretch section in my shorts to the content I create on my social media, everything my brand does is getting better and better.

My brand and my content creation is examples of when technology and fashion have merged to excite and delight the consumer.

2019 is going to be very interesting.