Blogger photography may have a hipster fringe appeal, possibly even started as a niche industry but I am further from that world than I am from me being on a carb free diet when Ben and Jerry’s is on offer. I’ve only ever owned one camera and that’s the dlsr Nikon I picked up from a stranger on Gumtree in the middle of London for £200 some years ago. My skill is in art and design and it took me eight hours doing an indoor photography shoot to figure out this industry is a difficult one to “fake it till you make it” in. I think it is important to know my strengths but also identify my weaknesses.


But with the community spirit, the fellow grapplers and the gym members who helped outside the gym, the hours flew by. The optimism was high, pictures where taken, filters were added, the factory lighting caused nightmares to the unskilled, wifi was sought, batteries died…. it was a messy day.

It’s incredible to consider what we can create when we come together. Even more incredible to think that they all these people literally try to kill me, day in and day out…. they even get dressed up for it!…. i’m feeling conflicted :)

Another photo shoot, all indoors, working natural factory lighting with a great team that made it happen. None of it could happen without all the team at the gym, i'm legit grateful that I have so many great athletes from the club happy to help and give it their all, thank you .

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