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Being from a small mining village in Scotland I can’t imagine my career adviser guessed this would be my future.

I was never going to impress anyone with my school results, my prospects as a ufc world champion or my lack of knowledge in football. All that detention for drawing on desks…but look at me now… fur coat, pink spats and bare feet, look who’s laughing now…

I have zero advice for anyone considering a career change or even outdoor photo shots. These photo's are a testament to that. I didn’t take into account the high risk of broken glass, cold winds, and tickly moss.

There is nothing glamorous behind the camera, it's cold and it's much harder to apply a filter to reality. Lucky I got these spats to take all the attention!



The hard work is real ladies and gentlemen. This is the landscape, we lead by example or not at all. If you are running a business or you are taking 8 hours sleep to six hours a night to get that extra sparring session in, win or loose, you can be happy knowing that you genuinely smashing life.

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The strangler patch