This is one of the best examples of #animalart that I have on my website. With the popularity of my Octopus range, I'm very much buying into the chance to launch a new line of spats this year. Even the rashguard looks amazing with this design (keeping in mind, this is available with your own club logo - sponsors or chosen design).

My spats are
SQUAT PROOF from sambo to olympic lifting
DRAW STINGS not just an inch of material getting lost in the washing machine
VERY THICK non see through, last longer perfect for No Gi.

If you like #octopus or simply understated high quality gear at great prices i'll be over here creating some of the most bad ass jiu jitsu art on the planet. Whether you like it or not! Im not looking for perfection i'm looking for progress.

Grapple demons into deep waters.

Bold Fresh Crisp Jiu Jitsu designs