dirty strangler spat media art.jpg



know anyone who would dare walk into the gym with these on??


at least wearing them you know one thing, that you told me what you wanted and I listened.


you can't see through these spats

longer lasting at the knees

4-6 inch available room in the waist

stretch at the ankles and wrist to allowance

delivered to your door straight from the factory #fresh


Longer draw strings +thicker material +better sizing +huge stretch at waist


better water wickering + reinforced stitching + comfort fit + built to last


To help for your next fight or comp I'll make sure these spats stay available with your own club logo, sponsors or chosen design. Even this design can include your own art work.


worldwide shipping

Available pre order if anyone dares!


illustrator design in the first phase for the dirty strangler.jpg




Bold Fresh Crisp Jiu Jitsu designs only available at www.grapplingsciences.com


on my website you can see my in store collection. All others are available custom, made to order. est: 3-5 weeks depending, pm for any questions. These spats are available pre order only. Thank you.

grapplingscience patches