Grappling shorts

Octo Fight shorts!

This is my design hand drawn by me, all my art is

no where else!

You can't get these anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!

They said it couldn't be done (no one said that)
They said shorts can't be that amazing (no one's said that either)

I want your designs on my mid thigh lengths shorts (been said once :)

Triple velcro, reinforced draw strings that divert the stress via reinforced hooks.

I spent a few months going through all my fight shorts and you know what, they all ripped in the same area. This design stops that. More to come on the design tech but...

today we celebrate the release of the pre order Shorts, any size and colour anything you want. I'll send kfc with it if you order. 
est 3-5 weeks
£35 free uk delivery
$52 plus $12 shipping