When I first started out, designing rash guards, it was because I felt the designs I like were not represented. I knew if no one else liked the designs, at least I would and that was enough to start making a rash guard. After the first 100 rash guards you do the thing you said you wouldn't.. you start to branch out; first it's spats, then next week it's a singlet. Before you know it, you have fight shorts and hoodies. It shows me just how important all my followers really are. My appreciation to my audience can never be reflected in  a blog post but I responsibility for the not just the artwork but the quality. Every single I item I've designed is because i wanted something different. It's finally happening. Thank you to everyone. 

Rash guards, spats, shorts, t shirts and hoodies it's all happening and it's all happening because of you, thanks.


Glen @grapplingscience