Toxic Spats.jpg

I don't understand what toxic masculinity is. But I know what these spats scream!!!!!

Years of missing maths, not knowing if john will ever reach the train station... years of not knowing geography was a subject and not a stencil for different coloured pens. Thinking English was only for foreign students and CDT should only be taught by drunk teachers. This is what you get. Hope everyone is happy with themselves. These spats are a product of my environment.

Any more toxic and you might be taking pollution down to zero?

If someone is designing more bad ass spats.. lets see them. I don't see my designs being equalled any time soon ladies and gents.

Here it is another glimpse into my Pre Order collection. I have no idea where this design will come when compared to the 'strangler' spats or even the 'tao' spats. I can't imagine there will be a big drive for this one, but those that will wear them will love them, that's a fact.

Going up on the website soon, first samples landing this quarter!

I you like me, can't wait for them being in stock you can pre order them today, just pop onto here