I am quite big on cardano ada, telcoin, qash pac coin and also i'm very big on Tron (TRX)

Since all my website is available for TRX (email to get a discount and easy exchange) I want to help those looking for a reliable investment consider this 3 cent company. Here's one of the many reasons why:

Now it’s Possible to buy Tron (TRX) Through an ATM Machine

Almost immediately after the important news on launching the test net (not to mention Times square); Coinflip which is the Bitcoin ATM provider, publicly announced partnership and support to Tron. But why should that make headlines? This means that now it is actually possible to literally buy Tron tokens through an ATM machine in the US where 'Coinflip' offers its services. This also makes Tron the first ever ERC20 token which will be possible to be purchased via an ATM machine. Like all financial transactions there will be fee's and minimums so do your research at all times!

Why should I care about Coinflip? simply put, Coinflip offers its services in no less than 57 different locations in the USA offering to purchase any of the named chosen cryptocurrencies Further more, to cash out Litecoin at its two-way models.

The reality is that to purchase Tron (TRX) via more flexible and convenient platforms shows the dedicated work of the company towards making it even easier to invest in the cryptocurrency. 

I'm behind Tron, it's breaking into the entertainment industry. I'm very interested in where Tron can go, this year is a big year. 

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