Connor Mcgregor is famous for announcing that he is always looking for the next big challenge. As if beating MMA world Champion Jose Aldo was not enough? he had to do the unthinkable and fight Floyd Money May weather at his own game. Mcgregor has admitted that one on one fights in MMA just don't satisfy his need for true glory. Connor has admitted the boxing match 'scratched an itch' for the notorious Connor Mcgregor. He has considered fighting the actual cage itself, but in the heat of the moment forgot the game plan and instead slapped a Bellator referee in the face; but now he has decided and announced officially the new Mcgregor fight plan; he will only fight large groups of UFC fighters, all on a bus, with only random industrial equipment. He says that in his next fight, he is considering on asking Artem to try the bus doors but all that will be strategically designed in the next camp.  



below is a snap shot of the champ when he first seen the bus door, (as shown below)





for some real time footage of this number one bullshit click here


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to date Connor Mcgregor has only two official ufc loses on his record

1, nate diaz 

2, Bus door

Best of luck champ!