THE FR3AK SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

freak jits front.jpg


I designed a rash guard. I loved the design. Loved designing this. On it's way to my customer. I do the art, my factory does the making you do the wearing. I do need to get better at photography, lets be honest :) Now if you are interested, please note it can take a few weeks, it will cost around £45 (and yes that includes me designed the art for you if you choose) and free UK delivery. My rash guards might not be for you, they are thicker than normal. Same with my spats, they are made to be versatile, no wearing at the knees, no dodgy stitching coming loose. High premium thick jiu jitsu gear.

designing is something I love. There are rash guards in stock for you to get delivered next day if you choose right  ... here.... 

I might take the theme and run with a collection all around the freak show. 

freak jits full back.jpg