I spent so long making custom spats for the athletes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu peeps in the UK, US and even Andora (that one's a lie). I've spend time making sure my custom spats can have your club logo easily placed on them. Sometimes we want custom spats but not sure what we want on them, I'm here to fix that! I'll make all my spats available for your club logo! 


You can now have your club logo on the strangler spats!!!!!

But i did forget to leave out the spats size guide, i'm really sorry. So, from here on out if you want a spat size guide in the UK or even if you want a spat size guide for the USA, i'll be here at grappling science; just note that both guides will be in inches :)


size chart.png

oh and becuase it's custom that means

I do children sizes in spats

I do 3xl in spats and 3 xl in rash guards

Infact, i'll do any size just drop me a message at grapplingsciences@mail.com