I am addicted to movies, particularly sci fi. Everything from Event horizon, Brazil, to Cube. The Athlete design really, is a reflection for all my old school sci fi movies. Original Tron with Jeff Bridges, Fell in love with that one quick, Cube is a dirty pleasure; If you don't like CUBE I understand, but we can't be friends....


Cube is not as good as total recall or Blade runner but it's steeped in suspense, sci fi mystery and final destination before final destination new it was final destination. If you have not seen it, please, give yourself the chance and check it out. because you also have Hyper Cube and Cube zero. Which i'm watching now!


''Six complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless maze containing deadly traps. ..... With its limited budget and digital effects in use even before Titanic glorified them, Cube still proves itself as one of the more original and intelligent sci-fi films of the last decade''

defend rash guard back view.jpg




Built slightly stronger to endure tougher rolling.

defend rash guard  rear angle.jpg


Medium weight stretchy fabric moves with you

Compression fit for a locked-in feel

Flat seams move smoothly against your skin

Ergonomic seams and stretch insets for wide range of motion


“Hey, man. Got the rashie in the mail yesterday. It looks GREAT and fits perfectly. AND I won the monthly “King of the Mat” at my gym, so I guess it brought me good mojo!”

— R/BJJ redditor: FaustusRedux

Product Picture close up anterior.jpg

Sorry, but can we just take a moment and bathe in the glorious shading from pitch black to crisp white. I made that!

“I just got the panda king in the mail and I really like it. Good, high quality rash guard, and thicker (which I like).”

— R/BJJ Redditor: BJJ2015