Simply put, I make custom art for all us mat rats

I've made it possible for everyone to have their own personalised jiu jitsu gear at affordable prices with the highest quality materials. All Grappling Science gear is thicker than most, Spats are squat proof, draw strings that are long, elastic waist to give a few inches both sides. Fight shorts that don't rip, the draw string is build to last and overlapping velcro designed for durability. 


Real thought is put behind every aspect of the build. Blending high quality materials with daily fresh jiu jitsu designs.. available at affordable prices.. world wide.. .. choosing from 100's of custom ready made designs! that's Grappling Science.

One of the thickest in the market! 

Eye catching artwork



Demons Gate

Demons Gate

rg jacobs ladder.jpg

Above is an example of a 'Demons Gate' you can have as it is. You can email and say '' I would like a long sleeve with my club logo on the shoulder .. and pink spats '' we can start to create something unique and something you deserve. Every one of these demon gate rash guards are different, I move a tentacle millimetres so every single one are different. Demons Gate. Just another of my pre made custom rash guards, just add your logo and go! your very own personalised rash guard. You might even get on the instagram page if you sent me the picture. 

fb slideshow ready bw spats.jpg