Custom rash guard 'Demons Gate' another custom artwork for us mat rats. 

Demon's Gate artwork is influenced by films like 'Jacobs ladder' (Cult psychological horror-thriller starring Tim Robbins) Angel Heart, the Cube, Mist.

This rash guard really shows the darker side of grappling, the monsters that we grapple with, the demons at the door. I give you the Demons Gate rash guard. 

custom rash guard grappling science demons gate


Some Demon Gate technical details:

 Everything is built slightly stronger to endure tougher rolling.

  • Medium weight stretchy fabric moves with you, designed from ancient technology. 
  • Harnessing spell bound compression fit to keep the Demon locked inside the gate.
  • Flat seams move smoothly against your skin.
  • Ergonomic seams and stretch insets for power.
  • Myofascial injury reduction like a shamans  Rod of Asclepius
  • Fibres carved out of hellish stone

This rash guard is factory fresh made to order. It's also available with your logo or name, simply email me at and let's get it made for you. 

rash guard size chart.png

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 EST: time for delivery 4-5 WEEKS  

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