Countdown ... to your chance to have your own rash guard made. With your art. From your brain. Made by Grappling Science.. sound cool? winner gets picked on Monday 25th June .

custom uk rash guard


This picture shows how you can make your own rash guard. You can see the panel's placed together, so now visually speaking we have an understanding how on a basic level, making rash guards works.

 but how do you actually design it? 

for me it's 3 steps

influence/inspiration = x

sketch/digitally draw the idea = y

get samples made and fix all the problems :) = z

3 steps ... x   y   and   z 

When making our own custom rash guard some of us will find one, maybe two steps very easy and all of us will find at least one if not two steps very challenging. 




so, lets look at the 3 steps, xyz

using the first pic of this post as an example - the tatami logo. 

Step 1. X: influence /inspiration

My influence was Japan, sci fi movies and black and white. I love Japanese clothing, I love sci fi monsters and post apocalyptic futures and I love black white stuff. 


Step 2. Y: drawing/digitally drawn. 

On this project you can see this design is super complex, it's got over 50 hours of work easily. This step was the most difficult. Step 1 and 3 were by far the easiest element. 


Step 3. z: Getting the sample

Because I was so diligent during step 2 it meant the sample received was almost perfect, almost :). Now that is not normally the case, in fact that was a first for me. Perhaps a lesson to learn even after all these years. 

Nothing worthwhile is easy, that's why that's why i'm here, 24/7 contact me at grapplingscience@mail.com or on instagram or on facebook with any questions.