They do, that's a lie. At a drop of an email you can get custom spats sent worldwide to your design. 

custom spats


If you don't know what your custom spats should look like, heres a fine example of the kind of art and quality that I offer :)

grapplingscience spats

GRAPPLING DEMONS INTO DEEP WATERS – Get that feeling of dragging a grappling demon breathless and drowning into the deep with the ‘grappling demons into deep waters’ spats. Imagine draining your opponent’s energy with each scramble and having them mentally break beneath your hooks, your octopus hooks! I’m not saying these spats will improve your grappling, but they might. As well as creating deep dark designs, I have built these spats from the ground up to ensure they are the very best 2018 has to offer, here’s how: LONGER DRAW STRINGS THICKER MATERIAL BETTER SIZING HUGE STRETCH AT WAIST BETTER WATER WICKING REINFORCED STITCHING COMFORT FIT BUILT TO LAST NON- SEE THROUGH EXTRA STRETCH AND ANKLES DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY #FRESH WORLDWIDE SHIPPING PRE- ORDER DELIVERY IN 3 - 5 WEEKS ANY SIZE AVAILABLE FROM X-SMALL TO 3XL

I can absolutely, categorically promise that with these spats you will be able… to grapple demons into deep waters.  


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