Unless you have been living in the gym, like most of us, you would know that the competition to win your own designed custom rash guard and THE WINNER IS ....
well, it's actually quite difficult to pick with so many reasons to pick everyone.
SO 2 WINNERS!!!!!!

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Congratulations to both martial artists for winning. The next time we hear from them I will be showing YOU thier own art on a rash guard. The spats i've just finsined designing, above, took some time and so will both winners rash guards, a few weeks and we will see them premier :) . Personally i'm really looking forwarding to seeing them come to life.

A big thank you to everyone that entered. I'm wanting to do more of these competitions and if you want to be considered send your idea's and art to grapplingscience@mail.com or if you have another reason to be considered just drop an email today.

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If you have an idea for a rash guard or spats, just drop an email at grapplingscience@mail.com for uk custom rash guards i'll do my best to help. You will get an instagram following est 30k exposure of your product, brand and values. I can help design and produce your jiu jitsu gear.