One if the reasons I love Sling Blade is because  "Sling Blade," the 1996 film written and directed by and starring Billy Bob Thornton, is not an easy film to have on in the background. It's gripping and demanding of your attention, dark, believable and sad, Sling Blade.

Starring Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black and John Ritter, 'Sling Blade' tells the story of a quiet man named Karl who finally returns home 25 Years after committing an unthinkable crime. Once there, he’s befriended by a fatherless boy and his mother, but when his newfound peace is shattered by the mother’s abusive boyfriend, Karl is suddenly placed on a collision course with his past. For more from Sling Blade:

This is my recommendation if you are like me and addicted to movies! great one if you are injured and need a movie marathon!

What else has everyone seen him in? bad santa? anything else? 

"Sling Blade" is, without a doubt, one of the best independent films ever made with a near perfect combination of strong script, focused direction, solid performances down to the smallest role, and beautiful cinematography. Sadly, it suffered the fate of last year's "The Woodsman," a stellar film limited by its intimidating, well presented subject matter and with performances so strong the film is "too much" for your general filmgoing audience. 

"Sling Blade" is one of those "must see" films for true connoisseurs of film. It is not a film that every connoisseur will absolutely adore, but it is a film that simply begs to be seen by those who respect the craft of filmmaking. "Sling Blade" is exhausting yet exhilarating, troubling yet insightful, and powerful yet numbing. "Sling Blade" is a film you may not embrace, but I guarantee you will not forget.

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