Original Reds with Gold

Bold Crisp Fresh Designs

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Imagine hitting the mats looking fresher than wet paint with the Original Reds that keep that factory fresh feel for life.  Gold paint on crisp red make for the most stand out grappling shorts on the market, only available custom made here. So fresh they should have 'wet paint' warning signs. 

  • Old school long thigh length cut
  • Grappling shorts 
  • Impact tested
  • Sublimated design making the fresh paint look of the shorts life long 
  • Improved draw string function with much longer string and reinforced pull
  • Velcro strap systematically improved to lock the string in safely and also leaving a pretty cool belt buckle-esque element to your grappling shorts

The impact tested no-gi fight shorts are the latest available design in custom artwork. Made from a soft flexible 100% polyester material these shorts are built specifically for grappling; the waistband features an over hook loop to redirect stress and increase longevity of the shorts- reinforced rear, lateral flexi panel suitable for the banana split, and also a drawstring closure for an all round better fit for the athlete and average person built a bit more like me. 

My resolve to win is something I work on everyday, something I meet every time I step on the mats. I can't promise i'll win every match but I can promise that the grappling shorts you genuinely deserve have been battle tested and evolved over the years and are finally here only available in my store. I promise you will love these shorts, I do, I swear everything I make I wear it every day to the death, i'm wearing these shorts right now. 


***Please note that these are made to order. Made in real time just to your specification. Factory fresh to your door est. 4 weeks. Any special requirements like a club logo or name can be added at a drop of an email to grapplingscience@mail.com for all your custom rash guard and  custom jiu jitsu clothing needs. 


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