rash guards

A snap shot of free produtcs going out the factory door today. £100's free to some lucky grapplers. Not all my free merchandise is won in competition and not all the receivers grapple, no. A lot of free stuff I give out is for collaborations. Video's, creative content, artwork music. You might be an artist with a soundcloud account making hip hop loops. You might be traveling practising yoga and would like to do a short vinyasa wearing octopus spats and record it for the community to enjoy and share. Maybe you are a shaolin monk in training and you already have a bad ass martial arts account and totally deserve bruce lee inspired warrior spats. Maybe you live in toyko japan and have a great idea to get pictures in the streets of the market wearing my rash guard or tee shirt. i want to make video's for all my designs, can you help? can you play part of the team? video editing? music? physical talent? dm me and lets collab together!