I’m over here creating fresh Jiu Jitsu designs daily - a new custom rash guard everyday. Do this for a few years, designing and producing custom Jiu Jitsu clothing, means you can now choose from a huge catalogue of ready made templates. Imagine making your own unique rash guard representing your club logo/name on the most original fresh Grappling Science artworks. No other art like it. The most unique Jiu Jitsu art today.

Below is one of my custom rash guard templates, one of my original art works ‘The Panda King’. This artwork is available with your name or club logo; I was honoured to receive this sick logo


(how amazing does this rash guard look with the I’MMORTAL PANDA club logo)

The rash guard has the i’mmortal panda logo on the upper back, in between the shoulder blades, very similar placement of a patch on a gi! I actually love it.


If you are a budding artist, can you imagine creating your own rash guard? your own brand? that’s how easy it starts. You come up with the artwork, you make the rash guard, people love it and you get asked to make more. From small acorns and stuff.

Have you been thinking about making your own rash guards? are you an artist who want’s to wear your own art on the mats? would you like to work with someone, rather than just be another number in a business?

I understand the better your Jiu Jitsu equipment looks the better my brand looks. That is why i’ve refused to work with no less than 11 factories now even though the material is cheap and I could make a profit it’s not my way, it is simply not the best route for a business that deals in service and experience to take. I genuinely go over and above on every singe order that I can. I genuinely believe I should give value to every person, whats more i’ve been doing it for the last few years but I know there are more artists out there wanting to have their art worn in the clubs in LA, Europe the worlds .. even in your own jiu jitsu club.

Just imagine 2 or 3 people in your club want your rash guard, I can put the logo on the inside, all the legal tags for legal requirements and some of the best thickest material for Jiu Jitsu.


The Panda King rash guard is available next day delivery, however custom will be made factory fresh for you at a drop of an email to grapplingscience@mail.com