I’ve been grappling for a few years and I’ve bought and worn, literally, hundreds of rash guards. I have them all, ones from China, ones from Pakistan, ones from Poland, some from Lidl, Sports Direct...even one from Toys R Us (that’s a lie) I’ve even got one made from llama lashes.


Quick history lesson:

Back in the 1100’s when rash guards became cool the artwork was screen printed onto the rash guard. Screen print is like a thick paint, literally, pressed onto the top. For normal tee shirts and hoodies etc. screen printing is perfect. Rash guards overtime get pulled and stretched which will cause screen printed artwork to start to crack and fade and eventually disappear leaving a residue of the once loved design. Now, good quality rash guards are made using sublimation techniques. Well, I do this at least but I understand why not everyone uses sublimation... it costs more, it needs different machines, different skill sets and cost’s thousands pounds more in a large run. But you also get the very best product. With Grappling Science rash guards I promise you get lifelong fresh paint like artwork. That’s why I talk about them so much. From my rash guards it’s not just fresh jiu jitsu designs everyday it’s also lifelong fresh paint like artwork you get, all my own custom art for all of us mat rats!



Function Composition and Types:

Generally speaking rash guards are designed to wick moisture away from the body and help the athlete stay as cool and dry as possible. Your rash guards deserves to be constructed with flatlock stitching, which allows the seam to lie flat to the garment instead of hanging loose. With flatlock stitching the garment strength is increased and minimizes chafing that can sometimes occur from garments with traditionally stitched seams. Rash guards are usually made of polyester/nylon and lycra/spandex. They are designed to fit tightly to the body, while at the same time being stretchy allowing a full range of motion. Some very cheap versions are very thin and flimsy, they are unsuitable and won’t last, don’t get me wrong sometimes you can get a thin rash guard that is durable however the nature of our sport is aggressive and the material and stitching should be up to the job, that’s why with Grappling Science rash guards the material is made thicker with a higher standard placed on my stitching and fit. I take 100% control and responsibility over the material used. Over 20 factories and 26 material changes later, I take personal pride over my rash guards, I want you to try the rest and then see what 15% thicker material selected by a trained sport scientist is really like.



Many people don’t know this but I’ve made rash guards for tiny people as well as fully grown adult giants –now a 6XL is the biggest I’ve went and to be honest I’m always looking to break records. I’ve made bespoke rash guards made to measure, bespoke to our physical differences; I’ve made custom rash guards for the tallest and shortest of jiu jitsu grapplers. I believe customer service should come with flexibility. If my website shows small to 3XL and you want a 9XL I think it’s down to me to get you a 9XL rash guard and if you want a panda sitting on the throne imitating Conan the Barbarian you know where to find me.




I am always looking for ways to solve issue’s in the community, that way I know I’m genuinely helping rather than just advertising products. It also feels good to know you are making a difference. That brings me to the jiu jitsu communities problems around rash guards and spats.

Common problems with customised rash guards.

1, They can take around 8 to 10 weeks.

2, You can only put your name on the companies design.

3, Very poor customer service.

4, Poor fitting clothing. I receive a lot of emails from our larger members in the community and females in the grappling community both highlighting the same issue. Ill fitting clothing.

5, Spats that are see through.

 Why am I so happy about my service with customised jiu jitsu gear?

1, I have a turn around times roughly 4 weeks!

2, You can include your name anywhere you want, even your club logo  and also your own art.

3, My customer service is exceptional because I take pride in each and every order personally.

4, I offer bespoke fitting, from 2 extra small to 6 X large.

5, My spats are made with a thicker material.

6. My rash guards are 15% thicker, try others this rash guard is guaranteed you never go back. 

7. You have your own artist to hand to help with creating fresh designs.

8. I literally create designs every day all you have to do is go to my Brazilian jiu jitsu custom instagram @grapplingscience account to see all my designs, every day. I also include bjj drills, bjjart and more. 

You can select any of my designs all made personally, you can have it on the centre chest and or the back. You can have your name or logo anywhere you like. Because I am a designer myself I can take great care over your own design. Each step of the way. You will always receive a final version to be checked and when you are happy, it goes to print.

As everything is sublimation you are guaranteed life long fresh paint like artwork with sport science designed clothing, custom art for all us mat rats. 

Who would benefit from a custom pair of spats or rash guard

  1. Jiu jitsu athletes with sponsors, that is GI and no Gi.
  2. MMA fighters who need sponsors on the shorts.
  3. Someone looking for a gift for their partner of friend that grapples. A custom rash guard makes an amazing present.
  4. Someone who has their own club and wants a few rash guards/spats with their own logo or club name.
  5. Someone who finds rash guards very difficult to fit properly. I can help by offering a  bespoke service, looking at neck, chest, waist and sleeve length measurements.


I ship worldwide.  Payment via paypal however alternatives can be made.  I work closely with each design until you are happy.


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