Why should you care about what Grappling Science Media is doing for you in 2019?

You can now sell your artwork through Grappling science media.

You send me the artwork, it goes up online and when it sells you get paid

without needing a manufacturing facility, without any sublimation skills,

without any risk of losing money in high volume stock.

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Jiu Jitsu artists can now sell their artwork through Grappling  Science Media in 2019!

Why is this amazing?

The price point to enter into the clothing industry in jiu jitsu is very very steep. I want to help. I’m so excited that next year I will be offering jiu jitsu artists the opportunity to sell rash guards, custom made via the website.

For some years you have been able to get your own jiu jitsu clothing made but you had to either be a vector based artist or chose from some pretty poor inflexible designs on offer. In 2018 I changed that, but i’m not stopping there! Grappling science media (gsm) was the first bjj website where you could select your own pre made rash guard design from such a huge library of designs to compliment your own club logo or name! (i’ve spent years making a catalogue of jiu jitsu designs for you to choose from on your spats shorts and rash guards)

What is the cost for selling through your website?

None, if you can create vector artwork you can sell through the website. Your own brand of rash guard.

Can I make my own custom rash guard?

Yes, I can make an individual rash guard for you. I can even make the artwork for you.


Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can. I can help with your artwork or you can select from one of my many designs.


What if I can’t make my artwork print ready?

For a small fee I can make your artwork print ready.

How long does production take?

From point of sale  the item should arrive between 4 to 5 weeks, this can be sooner but global shipping causes skews in my overall service delivery. Factory fresh to your door with your own branded clothing. Your own brand. Yours. At no cost.

Why am I doing this?

Because this is the only way I can help people avoid the things that happened to me. I’ve lost my savings to factories that lied, cheated and robbed. I’ve moved house and i’ve survived on four hour sleeps to get back from the costly decisions of deceptive factories. I’ve genuinely lost thousands on manufacturing now.


So, how does it work?

If you want your art to be sold on a rash guard I need a vector or pdf artwork. I can help make it print ready for a small fee or you can avoid this by putting your artwork into a print ready template you can get by dropping me an email at grapplingsciences@mail.com

How do I get paid?

I’m expecting to use paypal. The customer can pay you and you send me the payment and i’ll fulfil the order for you or your artwork is already on the website and your customer pays through my website. I’ve no idea of the framework for cost’s kick backs, global currencies etc but i’ll work it out for start of 2019.

I’m not able to give everyone their own shop/page and I can’t guarantee i’m able to put everyones art on the page but i’ll do my best.

I’m also looking for bloggers, artists, animators and video editors. If you are interested drop me an email atgrapplingscience@mail.com


Can I make my own custom shorts?

Yes, you can make your own and I can produce them. If you like them you can start to sell them through the website without putting up any cost for a run of clothing. I can even brand them for you. Or even help you with your artwork, although you can avoid the artwork fee if you prepare the item yourself. Remember advice is always free.

Can I make a design for spats and sell them through your website?

You can make as many designs for spats as you like, I can help you get them website ready for you. I can help with promotion of your items too.

Can I make my own custom spat design and sell it through grappling science without spending any money?

Yes. It’s possible that your artwork is not only shown on the website but also across social media

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Twitter (factoryfresh)

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