Hi to all the grappling Teams out there!

Having a great team and great instructors can only get better by having your own grappling gear. Finding designs can be hard, I understand that- not everyone is into designing their own artwork- so take sometime to look through all my designs on my website and instagram , find ones you like and lets put your club logo on them! even it’s one item or 100 custom rash guards, i’m here for you.

Your team needs good quality rash guards, that help them perform and feel /look part of the family. No bulk orders needed, even if you just want spats you will receive the same quality material, design and finish a commercial order receives. Thats the difference.

but accessibility in sizing, unity in design and predictable receiving time with the quality is no easy feat! but I go further I can also get you pro pics, water marked with your logo and a short video for you to show your tribe!

I have an idea, to promote your grappling clothing on my web site for the athletes then to order it through me, print on demand - but with custom rash guards! drop me an email grapplingscience@mail.com

Few questions you may have:

What printing/laminating methods are you using?

For grappling gear, it's always sublimation otherwise it's not functional. Feel free to ask me any questions about, well anything really. dtg, screen print, vinyl, silicon, sublimation etc. All is available all with pro's and con's. Simply put if you are going to grapple in it, sublimation. It's the only method that's allows any colour, as bold as you want, life long artwork, sharp lines and flexibility. You have, for example, screen print, but you can only screen print in limited colours and you are left with a filament/paint which cracks and fades with only a few sessions of wrestling or grappling even under the gi. 


How can I make my art print ready for you ?

To be print ready, is to have the artwork placed as you want it in the desired template, ie rash guard or shorts template, normally pdf, ai or eps format, not sure? drop me an email. Please note, the colours you see on your screen won't be a perfect match when printed, will be very close. If that's an issue we can resolve it using cmyk/pantone charts etc. I'm here to help if we do. 

Lead time- delivery time: Here we see a draw back to ordering minimum orders, the lead time can vary as the machines normally run large runs of the same print. As such, they take some days to be free for use, we can be looking at 4-6 weeks depending. This might be further down the line but if we order larger units, this lead time decreases, normally. 

 Hope this all makes sense thanks again 



Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.

Your club logo on the back front and shoulder, custom rash guards made for you to help however I can. Hope you love the artwork.