Here is a perfect example of what I set out to do, i’ve got the most designs for your club to choose from. There is no other jiu jitsu company offering so so so many designs for you and your club to pick the best one. Above is my design, and below is a design picked to have a jiu jitsu club logo perfectly placed.

Your team needs good quality rash guards, that help them perform and feel /look part of the family. No bulk orders needed, even if you just want one pair of custom spats you will receive the same quality material, design and finish a commercial order receives. That’s the difference.

but accessibility in sizing, unity in design and predictable receiving time with the same quality is no easy feat! but I go further, much further and offer much more! I can also get you pro pics, water marked with your logo and a short video for you to show your tribe! a shout out on the social media with ten’s of thousands in followers, rising waves help many ships.

More custom rash guard designs available than any other jiu jitsu company. Print on demand factory fresh custom rash guards.