Not all rash guards are made the same.

Grappling Science custom rash guards are made with real experience and have trouble shoot all the problems. Even the artwork.

Your rash guard design needs to be ‘sublimated’ (perfect vibrant colours, perfect finish with life long ), not ‘screen printed’ (thin paint like feel to the design on your clothing)

For custom made grappling gear, it's always sublimation otherwise it's not functional. Grappling clothing is expensive, so make sure you pick a brand that keeps quality as the thing they are known for.

Feel free to ask me any questions about, well anything really. dtg, screen print, vinyl, silicon, sublimation etc. All is available all with pro's and con's. Simply put if you are going to grapple in it, sublimation. It's the only method that's allows any colour, as bold as you want, life long artwork, sharp lines and flexibility. You have, for example, screen print, but you can only screen print in limited colours and you are left with a filament/paint which cracks and fades with only a few sessions of wrestling or grappling even under the gi.