Want to sell your rash guard on grappling science website? I will print and produce your order and send it to your customer, but…really..what is print-on-demand?

Print-on-demand publishing allows artists to print a very small number of custom rash guards or even a single custom rash guard, whenever there is demand for it. 
’’allowing prints of singular or small quantities.” In other words, print your custom rash guards when you have the demand.

The 5 advantages of print-on-demand

1. Print anything and everything

For print-on-demand, the only thing you need is a few ideas from designs around jiu jitsu to dark chilling sci fi, any genre of art work can be printed onto a custom rash guard with print-on-demand technology. With the self-printing industry booming, the custom rash guard ‘print-on-demand’ business is also booming, at a very fast pace. This simple and easy method now allows you to print on custom spats, custom rash guards or even custom shorts in any size, in color or black and white, with photographs or illustrations—everything! You just need to imagine how you want your custom rash guard to look, and it will be done.

2. Choose from a variety of designs

You want really incredible artwork to be on your club rash guard? with your own club logo over it?

—is that too much to ask? Well, no. Grappling Science Print-on-demand makes everything happen. You can choose to have your club rash guards available online on my website for your athletes -to buy on demand.

Stop worrying about vector art work, Pakistan manufacturing, say good bye to terrible customer service, no more issues with terrible design artists, unfair high prices for low quality goods. I have fixed everything. You can print on demand, one item at a time, you can have your choice of any of my many many designs for your custom spats, rash guards, shorts. You can have any size you want from 3 extra small to 7 extra big, I fix all your stitching and customer service issues, all your artwork and design issues, I can print one item or one hundred and you can supply your own artwork or choose from some of the most sick jiu jitsu designs available. Just at a drop of an email grapplingscience@mail.com

I sort everything out for you, I fix the size issues, the colour and print issues, the manufacturing packaging and delivery, design and logo issues, I fix everything;right down to social media, I watermark your pics, create a short video and shout out over tens of thousands of followers.

print your custom spats in premium factory fresh vibrant colours, perfect blending, the most accurate and life long form of printing perfect for grappling.

3. Never go out of stock

One or a thousand—you can publish as many or as few custom rash guards as you want. Often, we are not so sure as to how “great” the demand for our new custom spats will be—it could be a hundred or even a thousand prints. With Grappling Science we can test the waters as they say, this is what print-on-demand does for your club or brand.

4. Update your designs / catalogue anytime

Another important advantage of print-on-demand is that you get to update information—at any stage and any number of times. In fact, it is always a good idea to publish a small number, so that you can get some feedback and make the necessary amendments before you go ahead and print a larger number. It may take some time to fix the errors, but your custom rash guards will sell more in the long run.

5. Spend your money wisely

Only print the number of rash guards you need. Gone are the days when self-publishing artists would set aside big sums of money in order to pay for large print runs. Now, a small budget can take you very far. You just need to plan how you want to spend your money. You can optimize your costs by printing fewer custom rash guards. The best part about using print-on-demand is that you don’t need to break the bank. You publish as per your budget.

Print-on-demand is the most efficient and convenient method of starting a brand. It has taken over the custom print world—especially first-time artists.

Your custom rash guard is your most valuable creation. Hence, getting complete control and seeing your brand go through the entire manufacturing process can be the best feeling ever. Publish your work the way you dreamt it to be—you wrote it, you decide how it should be made.