I hope this year is the year that Jiu Jitsu clubs really hear about how great this website is. If you want custom rash guards you can select from many ready made designs. And these designs are not your normal ‘factory made’ design. These designs are sold all year round and keep selling out. Custom rash guards are made to help you select the best design for your club logo. You can put your name or club moto on the leg of custom spats, along custom grappling shorts or even as your own brand inside the garments. Your club deserves the best material, the best aftercare and the best designs. That’s what I focus on.

Every single design you see on my instagram and website is all available for you, make as many changes as you like, custom short sleeve or custom long sleeve rash guards. Spats can have mma cup space or without, shorts are all made stronger with longer drawstrings and fully flexible bottom panel, thicker material for wrestling, fully flexible waist band in the spats and flat lock stitching in all the right places.

If you have a look over my designs there is some obvious influences such as dark sci fi movies. Event horizon, Cube, Video Drome and more. This year i’m working on more abstract, robot war like landscapes and I think it’s working.

What is your influence? What will your rash guard say about you?

2019 is the year for the struggling artists of the martial arts community. Ever wanted your artwork on your own rash guard but don’t know how to manufacture your items? Ever wanted your own catalogue of full sets of grappling gear? Your designs on spats, shorts and rash guards?

Do you know an artist in your club? Tag them!

Do you know someone who doodles bad ass art? Tag them!

Do you want your own catalogue of designs? DM me!

Do you want your own designs and have them available to the masses cost free? DM me!

This year could be your year to launch your own grappling gear, DM me!

Last year I got messages from many artists that had real promise but the logistics of starting their own clothing line was just not possible. The costs, the industry knowledge, the technical understanding, printing methods, time scales, sublimation, flat lock stitching.

This level of difficulty, in artists getting started in their own brand, is why I’m here to change that. I want artists to be able to sell their artwork through grappling sciences. I want karate influenced designs, karate kid inspired designs, Night time Tokyo designs, Sailor tattoo designs, post apocalyptic landscapes, Japanese war influenced designs, animal inspired designs.

What if you want to make your own art?

Making your own artwork can be tricky, have you tried? You learn instantly that it’s a complex process and being an artist might not be enough. You need your artwork in vector format, not photoshop psd or png or jpeg, pdf is fine, but you need to be able to stretch your artwork and not lose any resolution, basically. You can spend hours just trying to get your logo centered and the right colour you want it. I’m here to take all that pain away. Pick your design, send your logo and the rest is taken care for you. If you have a logo i’m very happy to make you mock 2d designs for custom rash guards, spats and grappling shorts for your team.