Jogging is an increasingly popular pastime in America. It helps you stay active, allows you to experience the outdoors, and best of all is entirely free. The problem is if you live in an area inhabited by wild animals, your exercise routine might lead you right into the path of a less-than-friendly neighbor. In the case of one especially unfortunate American runner, that unfriendly neighbor just happened to be a mountain lion.

incorreclty reported that ‘‘the guy’s instincts kicked in and he managed to get on the cougar’s back and lock in a rear naked choke
American man has told for the first time of his fight to the death with a mountain lion, describing in graphic detail how he wrestled with the animal on a remote Colorado mountain before killing it with his foot.

Travis Kauffman, 31, was half way through his 12 mile run along the ice-covered trails west of Fort Collins when "I was bummed out to see a mountain lion.”

"One of my worst fears was confirmed,"

"fear response turned into more of a fight response".

At 10 stone, five foot 10 - Mr Kauffman , waved his hands above his head to try and scare the lion, and yelled at it.

The Cougar, remaining underwhelmed by Kauffman’s strategy then lunged at him, latching onto his wrist and clawing at his face and legs.

"I was just kind of screaming the whole time, doing my barbarian yell,"

Kauffman reported trying to throw a cougar off you doesn’t work, as the cougar was strong and it became a wrestling match, Mr Kauffman said. "zero" martial arts or wrestling training and acted purely on adrenaline.

He knew he didn’t want his "guts" and groin injured so he used his knee to pin down the cat's back legs.

nearby sticks weren’t enough to kill the cougar, but they were rotten and kept breaking, and so he picked up a rock and was able to hit it in the back a few times.

Moving his right leg close to his wrist, which was in the grip of the lion's teeth, and stepped on its neck until he suffocated it.

Covered in blood, he then ran down the trail on a "fear high," suddenly noticing some possible signs of mountain lions and worrying about more in the area.

He ran three miles down the trail and along the way came across another trail runner, Spencer, who was on his way up the trail. They jogged down together and ran into a couple, Rachel and Noah, near a parking lot, and they had a mobile phone.

Driven to hospital, where he needed 25 stitches on his face and three on his wrist, where the lion had latched on.

"My face was kind of a bloody mess when I first got there," he said.

He had several puncture wounds from the animal's teeth and claws, but is expected to make a full recovery. He joked at his size, saying: “I will never be able to live up to the reputation.The story is bigger than my puny form.”

The social media tycoon Joe Rogan shared an Instagram post where he applauded the runner’s serious self-defence abilities, and remarked that he always carries a knife while out running just in case. When the safety advice was asked from Mark Leslie, of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region offered some advice. “What you want to do is convince the lion you are not prey and that you may, in fact, be a danger to the lion.” If the animal persists in its attack, the park recommends targeting the animal’s eyes and nose. No worries Mark.