If you have seen the movie Video Drome I want you to tell me what you thought of it. If you have not seen the movie.. why not? Long live the new flesh! This is a movie that I loved when I first saw it, at the time I didn’t know anything about David Cronenberg or even actor James Woods let alone Debbie Harris. First hitting reality in 1983 and hailed as the decade’s answer to A Clockwork Orange by none other than Andy Warhol, Cronenberg’s eighth feature bold in nature, cerebrally challenging and visually mesmerising, brings its viewers into an unforgiving examination of human kind’s darker subservient tendencies. This is about immersive obsessions, mankinds darker nature, and ultimately what is reality, really? From the first frames of action - Videodrome is set in a near-future in which technology has become embedded in every layer of our life’s. A Toronto-based station specialising in shlock programming, flashes up before a woman (Julie Khaner) serenely delivers an automated wake-up call. Cronenberg may not have been actively trying to predict the future, but this scene contains an eerily accurate road map for the likes of like Siri, Alexa and other things alike (check out the film ‘Her’). We follow Max Renn (peak James Woods) descending into a waking nightmare as he is slowly and painfully consumed by Videodrome, an entirely plotless, extremely low-rent television show – think of it as an even more exploitative precursor to reality TV – which he believes to be the next big thing… Max’s mental collapse manifests as a grotesque physical mutation, a visual story… beautifully narrated by special effects maestro Rick Baker. The parables to today’s tech landscape shares strikingly scarey similarities. Rewatching Videodrome today makes me feel like I missed just how ahead of its time videodrome really was. For better and for worse, 30+ years on Cronenberg’s frightening futuristic vision is starting to become reality. Long live the new flesh! Before watching this, please make sure none of these descriptive’s put you off, don’t want you wasting your time: Dark, fantasy, gore, snuff, futuristic, made in 80’s, I give this 7.5 out of 10