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it's so complex it's simple

Tokyo Blackout Rash guard

There is something rather poetic, that the Kanji system of writing is so complex yet in art perfectly and works simply. This I think, is like Jiu Jitsu. A Science of complexity yet perfectly simple at the same time. 

If this speaks to you, lets get it made. Thanks for watching. Stay injury free and train to your hearts content.

This is not available on the website at the time this is written, custom only -contact for the details.
worldwide shipping
any size available
DM to secure your size.

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The Dirty Strangler is in town.

Fresh in store today, we are delighted to announce a new addition to our range, the DIRTY STRANGLER. This one was designed with a retro feel and is a subtle, if neon, reminder of the power of the choke. So if you are down the disco, feeling choky, and happen to have forgotten to clean your nails, this might just be the perfect T Shirt for you.


The very first day!

Hi there, this is my first blog post for Grappling Science. I will take this opportunity to introduce myself and my company.

I am a qualified Sport Scientist, specialising in Sport Injuries. I am also a Yoga teacher (But don't ask if I am flexible, the answer is no). I only use Yoga to prevent injuries and promote recovery. I have no interest in being as flexible as a Russian gymnast. My Sport Science, biomechanics and Yoga knowledge is what I want to share with the community; but, also, give an insight to those that may also want to start a new company. I will be offering some home truths about my journey and what I would have done more or less of.

A brief overview of Grappling Science as a business.

I am the designer of all the artwork. Based in the UK, Edinburgh. I also run the Social Media side including:


Instagram   -  @grapplingscience                                                                                                                    facebook -   facebook/grapplingscience           


Instagram is a mixed bag of my fan made video's of matches, some arty design stuff, insights to running the business... Including some yoga tips, injury prevention and more.

Facebook will be a little more different where I share more information on the next big event, dates and competitions for free gear and discounts.                                                                                         

We also host a youtube channel. If you have a match that you wish to upload simply send the link or contact me on facebook. All that we ask is we have basic info such as- where was the match and at least one opponents name. We are very happy for you to send us any of your competition footage and we will display it. I started doing this because last year I wanted to compete at the ADCC Uk in Stoke. But, I could not find footage of an ADCC UK comp. I hope my youtube channel makes it easier for people to find a competition, watch it and get a feel for how the next event will be like.                                                                                  

Basically I run the whole show. From Material selection, composition of panels, Stock, costing, advertising.. you get the picture. So, if you ask a question on facebook, here or instagram it's me that replies to you every time. If you are Competing in the UK and you see my Grappling Science Banner and table with all my products... it's me, come and say hi. You might even get something free! it's happened before.