Grappling Science fight wear is built by the BJJ community. Our unique street designs are made for on and off the mats so you are always ready to roll

Classic brazilian jiu jitsu sweater
Dirty Strangler sweater



       All of our Gear is built slightly stronger to endure tougher rolling.

Hey, man. Got the rashie in the mail yesterday. It looks GREAT and fits perfectly. AND I won the monthly “King of the Mat” at my gym, so I guess it brought me good mojo!
— R/BJJ redditor: FaustusRedux
I just got the panda king in the mail and I really like it. Good, high quality rash guard, and thicker (which I like).
— R/BJJ Redditor: BJJ2015
Panda King

Panda King

        'Deep Waters'

        'Deep Waters'


Blood Gorilla 

Dirty Strangler BJJ patch by Grappling Science.jpg

The Dirty Strangler