I respect everyone who has the courage to turn up and train - whether you are competing every month or simply making it to roll once a week thank you for being part of the grappling community. I want people to come to this website and get as much out of it as possible. Grappling science gear is designed by a sports scientist but we know that jiu jitsu doesn't stop when you leave your club. Here are some of our partners for things related: 





we can fully recommend enhancing your skin defense by  visiting our friends at FULL GUARD SOAPS.





'' As the world’s largest martial arts training convention, IMATC brings top-rated trainers, sponsors and athletes to you. Our hope is to make the transition from amateur to professional smoother and we’ve worked hard to ensure each event includes an unparalleled faculty providing athletes with networking opportunities and quality technical and strategic training. ''








To become a partner feel free to contact to be considered